fa ra ra ra ra.

alright, i know it is uber late in the season to be posting these things but january just isn't that great anyways so i may as well.

i know that here in utah its not a huge deal if all of the homes are decorated for christmas,, in fact it is almost uncanny if your house is not donned for the season. however in a liberal state like oregon, the homes that are decorated for the holidays are far and few between. as kids we didnt have the luxury of just driving around our own neighborhood to gander at christmas lights so instead we ventured to peacock lane.

not going to lie, peacock lane is kind of a big deal. our family has been going there for years and who knows how many years prior to our arrival the tradition was running. needless to say this little street where on every home is decorated to the nines year after year has caught the attention of most oregonians. i wanted to show aaron what all of the fuss was about.


just thought that i would give you all a little taste of our christmas break - finally got the time to upload the photos and although i might be a month late on posting i cant help but share.

above is what we like to call the christmas stashe': when the man of the house decides that while on vacation it would be wise to see how intense his upper lip hair can become. some days he looked debounaire and other days he looked like a dirty hispanic pedophile {excuse my language}, no big deal.

thats true love. and so is what is yet to come.

stay tuned.

monday, monday.

i did it. i actually did it, finally.

i quit my job.

i know what you are thinking, "how selfish and absurd for you to up and quit your job during these though economic times where so many have lost their jobs without any choice of their own" and believe me those thoughts have run through my mind as well. it has been a constant, inward struggle for me and, in my own defense, i do feel awfully selfish. but, there have been too many days and weeks where i would tell family and friends that i was done dealing and then the obligation monster would rear its ugly head and i just could not bring myself to throw in the towel. this very obligation to my job has gotten me to the point where i work too many hours of overtime and stretch myself in so many ways for people that could honestly care less about me. so, i am done with the internal torment and in turn i am feeling . . .

[ri-leef] - noun
1. alleviation, ease, or deliverance through the removal of pain, distress, oppression, etc.
2. a means or thing that relieves pain, distress, anxiety, etc.
3. money, food, or other help given to those in poverty or need.
4. something affording a pleasing change, as from monotony.
5. release from a post of duty, as by the arrival of a substitute or replacement.
6. the person or persons acting as replacement.
7. the rescue of a besieged town, fort, etc., from an attacking force.
8. the freeing of a closed space, as a tank or boiler, from more than a desirable amount of pressure or vacuum.

today would mark my last monday here if i didnt still feel obligated to this job or hadnt told my boss that i would help find and train my replacement. ahh well.

i am on the cusp of the days where i will be able to go to lunch with the mr., take walks during the weekdays, bask in the winter air and sleep in later than 7:30am. here i come selfish.


to do.

i really feel like this week has caught up with me and in turn . . .

we have four + loads of laundry to do.

all of our floor boards need major dusting.

the mini-stove in our kitchen needs some tlc.

and i need some undivided time with mr oldham.

have a happy weekend - hopefully your 'to do' list looks more enticing.

* thank goodness for the mr. who did all of the dishes last night - bless that heart that i love more than anything.


things i admire.

fa fa fashion

clothed much
frugal fashionista
the sartorialist
sensibly styled
what would a nerd wear

picture perfect

ashley thalman
meredith carlson
michelle filomeno
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* is there a site missing from the links that YOU love - leave me a comment!

i think

that one of my favorite things is to admire things. that might sound weird, but hear me out. i love looking at art and appreciating the thought process behind each painting, picture, drawing and then, if even for just a moment, jumping into the world that the artist has molded out of their medium of choice.

i know that i am in no way a "creative", but i sure can recognize and appreciate one. i dont have the inspiration to muscle up my own home designs, but i know what angles, textiles and colors i like to look at. i have no clue how to make up a pattern out of fabric and develop an innovative fashion trend, but i do have a clue what looks heinous even if it is still on the hanger. and i would never call myself a 'photographer', but i can tell the difference between a talented photographer and someone who just has a sweet camera. in other words, i just have dang good taste ;)

you may notice that this blog is inindated with brilliant ideas, most of which are not my own. one day i might get the creative genious i need to become a "creative", but for now lets just say that two minds are better than one.

with that said, here are a few paintings that i admire dearly.
and the artist who is to thank.


family + friends

mi familia

angie + gilbert
aly + jeff
dan + saedi
chad + kara
corbett + chrissy
dave + cicily
gena + jeff
jenn + richard
joanna + nate
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marge cook
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tiffany + michael

nuestros amigos

aaron eskaran

monday moment.

i know. its not "technically" monday, but com'on it is where all of our minds still are right?

i really want to reinstate this little effort of mine and involve all of you who i admire and love. each monday i will feature a story from my own life or the life of one of you fabulous people that has made you feel blessed, privileged, humbled, elated, comforted and over-all warm and fuzzy. i know that we all have those days where the small things in life make all of the difference and we are able to take a step back and recognize just how magnificent the world around us is, so please dont be shy. share your story.

here is mine . . .

i mean lets be honest - every day we should be grateful for things that make us laugh and more importantly that the above style of photography is no longer in style.
for a pick me up any day, help yourself to THIS site.


as you may

or may not be able to tell, i have homes on the brain. possibly because the mr is a real estate agent, but also possibly because the mr and myself live in a little 400 square foot cave and i yearn for a fireplace, a dishwasher and a place to seat our buddies when they come to visit.

nevertheless the reason for my thoughts on houses, how incredibly awesome are these?

i have always had an ifinity for treehouses which i believe to be spawned from growing up in the heart of portland city where we never had even a yard to play in. all whimsical, childhood dreams fulfilled in a magical place called treehouse point , found in the forests of washington state where you can rent these vacation treehouses.

two year anniversary is coming up . . . hint. hint.

i just

spent the past hour, browsing through the website imagekind.com where artists can post their own art for you and me to purchase and love.

there is nothing better than finding talented artists whose work you would like to see up on your walls. today i found . . .

paola zakimi - i adore the innocent mystery of these prints.

shira sela - how magnificent is the detail in that tree? kinda anime inspired and i love it.
mario zucca - the music lover in me just could not resist.
believe you me, that i will be checking this site regularly for new finds.


if any of you are in the market for a second home, word of advice. buy this place.
and then invite aaron and i over for a sleepover.

* but first use my man to buy the house :)


two cents.

ya know when a terrible accident occurs on the freeway and every driver slows down even though nothing is in their way because we all want to know what is going on and for some odd reason no one can take their eyes away although it looks so sad and painful?

this is what watching the bachelor is like for me - an ever so painful train wreck that i cannot bare to look away from.

in my opinion, the bachelor of choice this season is already painfully awkward, but when you add twenty-plus insecure, self absorbed, desperate women who all believe that their only chance to find "love" is through a nationally televised and edited series of three dates before a wedding proposal, you get the perfect combination of beauty and madness that is just too good to turn away from.

all who love the bachelor say "i"!

so fresh and so clean, clean.

the blogging hiatus has been accredited to the two week trip to portland and seattle, the lack of spare time in general since we have been home and the urge every time the mr. and i look at the blog to give this sucker a major face-lift.

alas, the new year has begun and in turn resolutions have ensued. so here is to our fresh start, you and i.

  • take a walk every, single day
  • re-vamp the blog
  • study the scriptures nightly
  • add to the etsy shop weekly
  • eat more healthy i.e. stop eating out. period
  • live on a tight budget and save
  • stop biting my nails (for the millionth time)
i officially give myself the liberty to add to this list throughout the year. *dont those berries just look so fresh? yum.