urban dictionary.

*how come no one ever told me about this. genious.


Someone Else's Problem

I thought we would have problems with that project, but it's SEP now that the manager has been fired.


got cherries?

pretty sure that my mom brought me some of these delicious treats from oregon. cant get any better.

picture tag baby

i am using this from shelby and i am tagging rachel, charlene, lindsay, and sadie!

1. Go to http://www.flickr.com/( or images.google.com )
2. Type in your answer to the question in the search box
3. Use your favorite image of the subject.
4. Copy the html and paste for the answer.

my hometown - portland, orfav hobby - cooking; wish i could afford to be better
fav vehicle - today; the mini cooper dream career - fashion designer; i would love to create some bomb modest wedding dresses

guilty pleasure - kettle sea salt and vinegar chips; fantasticfav resturant - red robin; i will always remain true to your endless friesfav flower - peoniesfav color - green; hence my whole weddingfav vacation spot - oh the beach


t-minus 8 days--

--til Aaron and I get hitched. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Oldham.

Love it.


the real deal

ya, my man designed that. all by himself.
and i absolutely love it!

nate the great

as the day fast approaches that i am getting hitched to the man who constantly makes me want to be a better wife, lover, cook, server, learner, listener, money manager, organizer and overall woman, i have really had a chance to reflect on those people who have always been there for me.
here's to my younger, yet taller brother nate.
as kids he was my best friend and to this day he still is. we know how to yell at each other and the next hour be laughing together. we know how to support my mother. we know how to make a mess of the kitchen really late at night. we know how to find great bargains at buffalo exchange. and most importantly, we know how to love each other unconditionally.
love you.


thats my man

among other great news: aaron got his first check! i am so proud of him, he is constantly working so hard to be a fabulous husband and future father. i am so lucky to have found a man with such dedication and persistence, i know without a doubt that he will make me happy for the rest of my life.*way to go babe, your hard work, patience, efforts and time have, quite literally, paid off!


the plunge

a week ago today, i had the chance to go through the portland, oregon temple to recieve my endowments. i have quickly grown to love the temple thanks to the constant support of family and friends; i know that i am indebted to so many people for being where i am today. now, i am anxiously awaiting the day when i will be sealed for time and eternity to my one and only prince charming.