two weeks ago

the manchild who has changed our lives for the better came into this world.

now at one entire pound heavier and waking up only twice during the night our love for you grows each and every day.


dear grammy,

we already miss you dearly.

thank you for singing 'row, row, row your boat' and reading mother goose nursery rhymes to us. thank you for cleaning and tidying up the house constantly and being at our beck and call when we rushed to the ER just days after coming home from the hospital. thank you for making meal and washing the dishes after. thank you for knitting and sewing projects for us with love and for holding legs after major diaper blow outs and holding the pacifier during moments of panic.

most of all thank you for being here for it all and for your love and support during this transition in our lives.

all our love,

aaron, kayti and baby monroe


a very good place to start.

it feels like just yesterday that i sat in bed devouring an entire bag of lay's original potato chips before peeing on the infamous stick to reveal that we were in fact pregnant. i felt a rush a emotions then, but the one that sticks out predominantly in my mind is how elated i was to tell my sweetheart. aaron and i had shared so much up to that point in our lives, but finding out we were pregnant just days before our 2nd wedding anniversary seemed fitting. i knew what an incredible husband he was and anticipated sharing his humor and passion for life with little ones to call our own.

our due date of march 3rd came and went, but my SIL Meredith Carlson took some fabulous pictures to document those long months that i carried our manchild. i love look at these images because they encompass all of the anticipation and happiness that aaron felt during our pregnancy and the days surrounding our baby's due date.

here we are 10 months later with a little one to call our own and i love every minute of it.



as of march 11th, 2011 at 5:14am aaron and i are the proud parents of 8lb 7 oz little boy Roe. he is the center of our universe and we love every minute of it.