remember when -

- we had recess during the day?

my niece, who just went into 1st grade, told me last night that her favorite part of school is lunch time. she and i think alike. mind work gets old.

well folks - here's to the weekend!


flash back

recent conversations with lovers and friends have left me feeling jipped. jipped in the sense that i never got to see the 80's classic 'condorman' or the disney classic 'alice in wonderland'.

to reconcile these feelings the mr and myself have been taking a little walk down memory lane, catching up on old time favorites that i missed out on the first time around.

'the secret of nihm'. we learned so much watching this as adults - kinda funny comparing the emotions we felt watching this as kids.

'the rescurers down under'. i loved every minute of this movie - duh.
'labyrinth'. jim hensen is a master. and there are no words for david bowie.

next up on the list - 'ski patrol', 'condorman', 'alice in wonderland', 'furngully' and 'back to the future'. any suggestions - movies that completely made your childhood?



why do we buy the latest issue of vogue - for the pictures of course.

i have always been enamored by fashion photography. finding this gem seriously made my week. pamela hanson captures chic in its finest form.


sock it to me

when i was younger i had a little obsession with socks. i would buy them every where that i went. the more unusual the better. *i bet the mr doesnt even know this.

i think that i might revive the obsession with these babies. notebook paper socks and pencil socks are MFEO {a high five to the first person that can name that movie reference}


round II

just when you think a vacation cant get any better - we go to powell for the second and last time this summer.

looking up from our boat at the cove that jake found for us to park in. perfect in every way - that is until neighbors moved in across from us and blasted 'time to say goodbye' at 4am.

my little bro, nate was able to come with us this time around - hard core. as usual.
mere and the babe audrey enoying our private cove and the calm water.
does this picture remind you of the cover of the movie 'wild things'? classy aaron.
early bird gets the 'butter' - hence the sleepy seeds still in our eyes.
was it worth it? judge for your self:
the mr. enjoying the butter in true form.
after rippin it up.
easton wasnt a huge fan of the lifevest. then again he still looks as darling as ever.

while we are on the matter, he wasnt really a fan of being in the water either. way to torture your kid dave.
gray skies didnt stop the fun. in fact this same night we blasted the black eyed peas and watched our nephews twitch out on the boat. a lasting memory for all involved.
jake and babe audrey rocking their best lake powell hair do's.
tour guide aaron taking the helm.
little broseph throwin the duces right before he climbs the wall of death.
nate up on the so called wall of death. after psyching himself out, punching the air a few times and rocking out to the metallica we had blasting on the boat, he finally jumped. why is there no picture documentation of this, you ask? i almost peed when he jumped - the last thing i was thinking about was getting it on film.
a few more wakeboarding trips - aaron catching air.

the mr. and the mrs. at the end of the week. pay special attention to our fantastic hair - ahh not showering for a week certainly suits us well.
among the fun was exploring on the jet skis, watching skylar and jordan get up on the knee board, eating great food, talking to the siblings and finding more reasons why i love this family, reading my fashion magazines in the sun, sleeping out under the stars, waking up to dave falling off of a chair and learning the true meaning of MLM.

thanks oldhams - i couldnt ask for more.


last night

aaron and i stood afar from the crowds at the gallivan center and just watched people.

i am sad that there were just too many sweaty people for my taste to actually watch iron and wine, but it was not a wasted night. by any means.

we have invented this new game.
  • name - people bingo
  • object - find the most obscure or unique people, outfits, behavior or combination of all three.

try it. i promise it will be time well spent.


feelings on felt

i love felt.

exhibit a.

base to the ment

living in a basement i can really appreciate how these designers rocked the basement space that they had to work with.

the journey

i think that journey put it best.

they say that the road
aint no place to start a family
right down the line
its been you and me
and lovin a music man
aint always what its supposed to be
oh girl you stand by me
im forever yours...faithfully.
i am so glad that we both have an unquenchable thirst for music. i am happy that i found someone who gets giddy over a chorus, who talks about the chords that he creates and who will sing no matter what the circumstances. we live by the same beat.

the mrs


welcome welcome


happy day

happy hump day lovers and friends.

this means t-minus two days until this guy comes from portland to play.
and t-minus three days until i get to clock out and enjoy this.

then just t-minus five days until we head out to spend the week here.


moday, monday, monday

lets be honest - its just my least favorite day of the week. monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life.