i havent bragged

about my husband in a little while, so for those of you with weak stomachs, i do not suggest reading any further.

aaron has been a realtor for almost three years now and has worked extremely hard each and everyday, he has proved time and time again that he could be successful despite what the news portrayed about the real estate market and most importantly he has worked hard for each of his clients regardless of his compensation and has treated each of them with respect. during the highs and lows of the past three years aaron fought through and he has prevailed with his chest held high.

i am so proud of him - proud of him for never giving up, for taking heat from people who said that the market wouldnt be fruitful, for staying educated and current on all real estate information throughout the years, for tolerating people around him making money without working half as hard as him and for doing all of that with a smile on his face and knowing to take everything in stride.

as a couple we have been so blessed from him hard work, but as an individual i could not feel more gratitude or pride to call aaron my husband and best friend.

girl talk.

this might be a little graphic, but i am just going to throw it out there - does anyone else have troubles finding and maintaining a bra that fits? that both holds up the girls, but stays in place (you lds women know what i mean)?

i am in need of some advice.


getting somewhere.

i have finally lost some poundage. not in a "wow you look great" kinda way, but in a "the scale tells me so" kinda way. regardless i am really proud of myself. i have been working really, really hard and i know that i am the strongest i have ever been in my life. i am going to start posting my workouts and hopefully use the blogging world to find and provide encouragement for my struggle to look the way i really want to.

what do you guys do to make yourselves look the way you want?


forgive the title, i really couldnt think of anything better and it really does fit because last monday aaron and i went to see muse in concert.

aaron got off work a little early, we drove through JCW's for burgers and headed to the e center in salt lake. both of us had been anticipating the concert since we heard they were coming, but didnt commit to buying tickets until a few days before so we were very, very elated about our purchase. aaron had seen muse live a few times by himself and i had seen them once on a date with another guy so it was time for us to share the life changing experience {if you have ever seen them live you will know what i mean} together.

it was a really great night. the show was fabulous {duh} and the company was fabulous {double duh}, but all in all i just re-realized how fabulous it is to be married to my very own rock star.

above is one of my all time favorites and classics from muse. i dont know why i allow myself to forget how good they are, but they are all that has been motivating me at the gym recently. so very good.


i feel like -

i just need a big bonk over the head. like one of those in the cartoons where after a big whack the words "pow" pop up and then little birds start flying around in a circle. ya, i need one of those. and not because i have a headache or because i need a headache, but because i just feel stuck in an attitude rut of sorts.


i lost touch

with this blogging world. and i dont even feel bad about it. it is a good thing when "real life" things catch up with you and you forget to open up your laptop and just word vomit all over the world wide web.

on top of it all i have writers block. all i can think about right now is how crabby i am {ever have those days?}. even listening to the smiths isn't inspiring any witty, thoughtful or clever banter, so i will just curtsy and say 'adieu'. {oh, and post a current picture taken by the ever fabulous Meredith Carlson. man that woman is talented}