some days.

there are days, like today {when you drive almost all the way to the pool and then realize you left your munchkins swim suit at home, mostly because you got five hours of sleep that night}, when i feel like this.
thank you oliver ross for helping us all express our emotions - i love you more than you know.



need i say more.


chilly waters.

in true form, we applied our sunscreen. obviously, bebe is not quite sure about this one.

then proceeded to get on our gear. still . . . unsure.

and then went for a little dive. as if the frigid water was not enough of an adjustment?! bebe was quite a trooper.



today, roe said "hi".

three times in a row.

he was sitting on my tummy this morning while we still lay in bed and i said, "say hi to daddy!" and he turned to aaron and said, "hi". did i mention he did that three times un a row? i dont care what you say, i am raising a boy genius.

oh aaaaand he rolled over. all by himself. of course aaron was going to the bathroom and i ran to get his jammers and lo and behold we arrived in the living room to a baby on his tummy. and of course we tortured the poor child trying to get him to do it all again, so we could capture it on camera, to the point of tears {on his part}. no luck.

for the record though this kid brings us more and more joy each and every passing day <3

we're baaack.

this last week we spent in lake powell on the oldham family house boat. over the next week i aim to tell our little story through the zillion pictures that i shot.

the nights were rough . . . as always though, the nugget was quite a champ.



i always pictured in my mind what aaron would be like as a father, but i never imagined how fantastic it really would be. from the first moments that aaron talked me through what baby roe was experiencing from across the delivery room as he stood by his side and shot pictures of those first precious moments, i fell further in love with him and felt so assured that he would always care for and love our son unconditionally all the while letting me know that he loved me first. he has struck a perfect balance between being a fabulous father and the perfect husband that i have known for years now.

i am so proud to call him my husband and child-raising-counterpart.


as of late.

today marks the third month that our buddy roe came into this world and made our family complete. it feels like ages ago that he arrived because i can vaguely remember life without him. although errands take ten times longer and our house is constantly in disarray i can say that i have more joy in my life than ever before.

to: roe-deo

three months has whizzed by, but you have accomplished so much during that time. you are sleeping through the night in your own crib and in your own room. the first night that we left you in there all alone i about had a panic attack that someone was going to come in the back door and steal you and so, needless to say, i didn't get much sleep, but you were {obviously} wonderful. now when you wake up around 6am when your daddy or i come to get you, you are so excited to see us and give us the biggest grin and start wiggling your little body in your burrito sack {which you will not sleep without!}. as soon as we let you out of the little straight jacket to feed you, you stretch your little arms and legs so tall and then sigh with the relief of a good nights sleep.

you have always had an affinity for sucking on your hands and i am sure that one of these days you will figure out how to suck your thumb because that affinity has not passed. at times you will even gag yourself trying to stick all of your fingers in your mouth. you have gained more control over your hands and your arms and can now pull down the toys we have hanging from your play mat {a lesson you learned while i was doing dishes, only to come in the room to a fussy baby because you had hit yourself in the face - boo}.

you are so talkative these days. we have full conversations and at times it feels like you know what we are talking to you about. when you are not blowing bubbles with your lips or spitting, you are trying the tricks that dad taught you with your tongue and making tons of noises. i laid you down for a nap the other day and you just laid in your bed staring up at the ceiling laughing, talking and cooing to yourself. i like to think little angels were there hanging out with you.

you are sitting up so much better now - we are sorry you inherited an enormous head, but you are not letting that hold you back from the adventures that you want to have. in fact just today you actually enjoyed tummy time and i laid on my tummy with you and cheered you on. i think you felt proud of yourself.

you LOVE being outside. dad's new trick for getting you to fall asleep is to take you out on a stroller ride, to which he has calculated, you fall asleep after two blocks. you love the wind in your face and although it takes your breath away {literally} you seem to want more. there are so many colors and sounds around us, now that it is finally spring/summer, and we can just see you soaking it all up with your big blue eyes.

you want to be apart of everything and you are a very social baby. you are at your happiest when you are laying on your back and both your daddy and i are talking and playing with you. we could not ask for more. you are such a fun, cheerful and happy baby. we really got lucky with you buddy.

love: mommy



roe is no longer fitting into his 0-3 month clothes, so until we buy new clothes . . .


gag reflex.

sorry for all the sappy posts. for the record aaron and i are not in a fight, nor were we during the previous post. also, our kid is the cutest. okay, im glad we got that all cleared up.



let me introduce you. to my husband.
many of you know him as the funny, talkative, jovial, cheese-finger-licking man that he is, but i know a person of much more depth than that. he is a man of his word and will pull through for anyone, whatever sacrifice that may be on his part. he is a wonderful friend and thinks constantly about those he cares for. he is a dedicated and loyal son and brother and would quite literally give his right arm for a family member that needed it. he gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and holds no grudges or judgements against anyone. he is determined and he accomplishes all that he sets his mind to. he is a talented plumber, carpenter, electrician, drummer, singer, guitarist, stand-up comedian, gardener, cowboy, painter, cartoonist. he is a beyond fabulous father and tends to carefully and lovingly for our little one. he is the perfect husband and caters to my every whim and puts my happiness at the top of his priority list. he is my everything.

today i am feeling very undeserving. first, i am feeling that my dear husband in no way shape or form deserved the chiding that i handed him over the phone. and second, i am feeling that i do not deserve the patience that he exerts with me and my daily outbursts.

i love you boo. i do, i do, i do.

m is for monroe.

these days we {otherwise, roe} spend our days kicking our legs, sucking on our bottom lip, sticking our tongue out, blowing bubbles with our spit and mowing down on our hands. life is good.



some things popular because they are trendy, but other things are popular because they are just dang good.

enter yogurtland.

i have never been a super intense fan of traditional yogurt {i am one of those, 'if i am going to eat sweets it may as well have a zillion calories and have big chunks of brownie in it, otherwise it is not worth it', types of people}. thus, i was a little reluctant when we planned to meet our dear friends the ross' there. i was very pleasantly surprised and rest assured that i will be visiting there frequently!



my dear and talented aunt ketti has started a tradition of making fabulous quilts for all of her great nieces and nephews. hence as soon as we announced that we had a little manchild on the way, ketti chatted with me about fabric choices and colors. trusting in her fantastic taste and experience i turned it all over to her and i am more than pleased with the results.
and yes, she did name the quilt 'manchild' because she is just that wonderful. from the bottom of our hearts, thank you aunt ketti - we love it.