hacuna matata

there are no worries.

the weekend has reared its happy face.

*sorry i just could not help myself with this picture.


a tribute.

since i am not originally from utah and since i aaron caught my eye soon after moving here i have had the toughest time making lady friends around these parts. instead of wallowing after my deepest desire to find a true blue gal pal to chat with over an afternoon of lunch and shopping i instead want to pay tribute to my truest friend, gal pal, other-half, sister - rachel.

thank you for talking to me at the most inconvenient times for you, for never allowing the miles and miles that separate us to ever severe our connection, for loving me unconditionally and for forgiving me time and time again, for making me laugh and for mostly listening, for talking about anything and everything and for sharing my passion for celebrity gossip and expensive fashion tastes.

"Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you."

-- Elbert Hubbard

the vegas

it is official - i love the vegas.

is this the view from our hotel room - i think i just might be.
is this the mr after shopping our little loving hearts out - yeah. pretty sure it is.
is this the stage of the "O" show and us waiting anxiously for the excitement to begin - yes sir it truly is.
could this be the mr and the mrs of a year catching a few rays out by the perfect pool - you betcha.
thanks to my mr for planning the most incredible 1st year celebration a girl could ask for.

i get

real, real, real tired of seeing the same stuff over and over again on blogs and websites.

that is why when i found ditte isager my heart skipped a beat. feast your eyes on these beaut's.

* let me share a little secret with you. i would love to commit this blog to food and photography - i was telling the mr. that my dream job would be to visit restaurants around town, take fanastically unique pictures and critique their food like it should be critiqued. none of this filly stuff we have been seeing for so-gosh-darn-long. hence my intense pleasure with ditte isager - thank you for not being martha stewart.



my husband almost died. true story?

last week, when the mr went to grab the lawn mower out of the shed he luckily noticed this monster. boys will be boys and, since this was such an exciting moment in our lives, aaron e. documented it for us.

true story.

i am

cravin me some choco taco today.


i need

to be more of a penny pincher.

thanks to the blog 'its hip to save' i just thought that i would compile a few coupons slash awesome deals that ya'all might appreciate.

*just click on the image for the actual offer - oh happy tuesday.

ps. if you dont see a coupon that you love right here, i highly suggest checking out their blog.

a whole

friggin year.

believe it or not, but a whole entire year has passed since aaron and i got hitched.

i often think about the places we could have gone and the things that we should have accomplished within the past year, but recently i have been so refreshed with where aaron and i are. i love that we live in a basement apartment and have truly learned to love the little things such as windows, a dishwasher and a normal sized stove. i am proud that we bought a car together and that we share 'adult' responsibilities. i am impressed that we can still learn more about each other with every trip to lake powell and with every weekend dinner. i am glad that we have been able to surround our selves with friends and family that make us laugh and make us feel loved. i am so blessed that we can tolerate each others annoying habits and that we are quick to forgive. i am so happy that he chose me as his eternal companion and i feel so lucky that we have been able to spend this year together - in every since of the word.

aaron, you are the only man that i have eyes for. i love you.

for crying out loud

as far as "reality" television goes, this finale was right up there with the best of them.


manic monday

its almost five and i am ready to rip the numbers off my phone, strangle and then drown the poor sucker.

today i will be taking a well deserved break from the phone. ahh, i can hear the peace already.

i have been

coveting these necklaces since i saw them at the bijou market a few weeks back. and then again when i saw one on the neck of jillian harris on the bachelorette.

so if i dont win this fabulous give-away, i think i might just have to suck it up an buy one for myself. {not to help my odds;)} you all should really check out the shop and enter to win one of these little treasures.



happy monday.

do you ever wish that monday's would simply stop existing?

either that, or i wish the weekend was longer.

you know your mother is a hippie when you grew up listening to this stuff on the records player. *i love you mother. bless you for exposing me to the music of the 60's.


at long last.

the post about the infamous lake powell.

at the second location we docked at, aaron served as tour guide while we hiked up a revine to check out the sweet views that lake powell had to offer.
our good friends ryan {aarons old mission comp} and ali came with us and the four of us took off a few times to explore the lake.
dad oldham took us all fishing one night - the rain and wind cant stop this man! good thing because, i reeled one in that night.
the mr and myself had a great time spending time with his family, our friends and enjoying the sun!
aaron was able to show us his moves on the wakeboard and as captain. priceless.


childhood dreams.

growing up in inner-city portland didnt lend itself well to playing outside, ever. in turn my imagination would run wild with all of the magical things that i could do outside. i always dreamt of living in a magical tree-house where i could escape from reality in the rain and where i could camp out under the summer stars.

i think that this little tree house room would have worked just fine tho {smile}.

why are

euros so cool?

because - they invent things like this. duh.

photog love.

the only word that i can use to describe the above images is - perfect.

im telling you - if you know what is good for you - you will check out rodney smith's portfolio.


happy monday.

things to look forward to {since we all know how monday's can be quite unbearable}:
  • running errands with the mr.
  • costco trip
  • the bachelorette with rob and lindsay
  • going to bed before midnight

the dentist -

- can stick it.

mello yello

i love the color yellow.

especially when used on this fab floor.


in case you werent aware -

it is officially friday.

thats right, the wait is over. the weekend has so gracefully arrived.


just when you think

that 'post it's cant get any cooler.

the japanese do it again.


my fav tunes for the summer:
  • phoenix - 'rome'
  • santogold - 'creator'
  • neil young - 'heart of gold'
  • regina spektor - 'blue lips'
  • sea wolf - 'black dirt'
  • sia - 'soon we will be found'

what are your speakers blasting these sunny, summer days?


dont mind

that all the models on this site look like they are twelve.

if you dont look at the faces on these gals, you could find a pretty bangin modest swim suit.

to fedora.

or not to fedora?

*fedora, compliments of urban outfitters.

what are your thoughts? are these caps too trendy or should i budge into my deep desire to own one of these.

looky at

what i found.

sensibly styled.

let me give a little break down: wanna find modest clothes in your price range all in one place? look no further.

you peeps best check it out.


all of these

fancy little things, are under $20 at anthropologie.

bring on the summer sales!