we are expecting . . .

. . . this newest addition to our little family.


free local tunes outside meets provo utah in the sego festival.

the third annual sego art festival was this weekend with a kick off in downtown provo and all day jams up at the amphitheatre above the mental hospital.

good times were had by all.


ATTN: all 'office ' lovers

tonight, September 25th, 2008 @ 7pm MST the fifth season of 'The Office' comes out. glorious.

20 years young

a shout out to my little brother who is officially 20 years young today.
reasons why he deserves the best birthday the world has to offer.
- he can grow facial hair
- he can sing like a rock star
- he has his own fashion sense and knows how to rock anything
- he is sensitive to others feelings
- he accepts people for who/what they are
- he laughs at my jokes
- he has always been a talented artist
- he can thrift shop with the best of them
- he can make the thizzle face
- he will never be too ashamed to sing the 'christmas tree' song
- he loves taco bell and mountain dew baja blast *which we all know is the best combo on earth
- he will watch chic flicks with mom and me
- he is the best brother a girl could ask for


our house

#1 i was raised right because this is the first album i think of when i hear the words 'our house'.

#2 i cannot wait until aaron and i finish all these projects that are, for now, just floating around in our creative little minds and post fantastic pictures of our home!


notes to note

i found a genius idea from this blog:
how rad would this be in our living room you ask. so rad.


100th POST

happy 100th post to me.

welcome in--

--the fall.

driving up to aaron's parents house saturday the leaves were all at different stages of decay. i life for this circle of life that brings about change, progression and unmeasureable beauty.


im really digging

this fabric collection. it would look real nice in our bedroom me thinks.

dear urban outfitters,



your disappointed viewer

its a good day when--

you get a raise at work.
and your husband buys you a spice rack that you have been wanting for a month.
and your husband takes you out to a fancy dinner.

all without asking.


at its best.

we watched.we ate.we sited.
we played.
we conquered.
petersons+oldhams+state fair=love.

desperate much?

friday night we decide to accompany our good friends rob and lindsay to the cheesecake factory.40 minutes later, we arrive in parking lot.
10 minutes later, we find a spot to park.
3 minutes later, we are standing in line to put our name on the waiting list.
3 minutes later, we are told to come back in 15 minutes to get assigned a beeper.
13 minutes later, we are back in line to get assigned to a beeper.
3 minutes later, we are told there are no beepers and to come back in 15 minutes.

(are you following still?)

10 minutes later, we finally get a beeper.
1 hour later, our beeper vibrates and lights up.
8 minutes later, we are seated.
20 minutes later, our order is taken.
30 minutes later, we get our food.
5 minutes later, our waiter asks us if everything is 'ok' and then walks away before we are able to respond.
20 minutes later, we order a slice of cheesecake.
10 minutes later, we get the slice of cheesecake.
3 minutes later, we get the check.
1 minute later, we left a tip for a $1.03.

thanks to rob, lindsay and my hubby for making it all worth while. despite our bad experience we still had a fun trip and some delayed, but dang good food.


off strike

it has been too many years since i have sung so i have decided to take a stand. today marks a day in history: my first voice lesson in almost two years. i could not be more excited and thanks to my husband i have found the courage to get back into my second passion in life, music.
here i come viking princess!


new blog!!

aaron oldham has a blog people. iamarealtor.blogspot.com. he will keep it updated with all the latest real estate market news and offers including his listings and ways you can list your own home! CONGRATS!

butter me up.

introducing: our butter dish.
*guess which part i made? guess which part my more talented half made?

who'da thunk

aaron's best friend ben took us rock climbing in rock canyon on saturday.
discoveries: aaron is a better photographer than me by far, aaron is talented at pretty much everything, i can get further than two feet off the ground, rock climbing shoes are tight for a reason and my husband looks attractive at any angle.
the man showing his stuff.aaron proving he is a better photographer and me kickin butt.
thanks ben for a great saturday activity! maybe next time i will make it to the top!



pretty sure i found a new found love.

photographer annabel mehran.

combining modern with classic. i think that ansel adams would be proud.


my carpenter

i wanted a bench for the end of our bed, so my beloved husband drew up beautiful plans for a bench that would dual as a storage unit. the wood was purchased and the tools were located. then the work began.

TA DA! he did it! i am so proud. after a whole day devoted to creating this masterpiece, my husband has finished his first work of carpentry. things like this remind me how lucky i am to have such a determined and talented husband.


remember when we had a yard sale to get rid of all the crap that we had accumulated from our wedding and being newlyweds, and then our friend showed up with all the brand new high tech, high demand, 'great find' items to make our yard sale "better", but then all the hispanics of provo showed up and our new bakeware, frames, designer jeans and furniture got totally dissed? oh ya, and remember how we got totally finagled by middle-aged lds women wearing shirts with tassles, who just grabbed piles of our stuff for $5 and ran off with it or forgot to pay at all?

ya. that was our weekend.


big news

another delightful season of laughs comes out today. i havent been this excited since 'saved by the bell' finally came out on dvd.


pretty sure this movie made me laugh pretty dang hard.

just the two of us.

the hotel.the view.the beach.the car.the adventures.the sunset.the two of us.
our honeymoon was amazing. i relish the times we have together without interruption or obligation.


im forever yours. faithfully.

*picture thanks to my FANTASTIC sister-in-law