ricky ray threw a ravishing sweater/mustache egg nog bash on the 22nd of december. good thing santa showed up so we could tell him all our christmas wishes!

the best part was getting stuck at the bottom of the canyon because there was a dead cow in the middle of the train tracks, hence the two mile long train couldnt move, hence we parked behind two other cars waiting to get out, and finally hence aaron, danny, josh and ben getting out to see the dead cow. 20 minutes and a few pictures later, with the train in the snow, we were able to escape with some good memories of josh's fantasic pink sweater, ricky falling on his face while playing the paper bag game and a thrilling game of mafia with egg nog.


keeping with oldham tradition, we went as a family to see the lights at temple square. i love being with aaron's side of the family and despite the cold it was so nice to be with the little kids and my in-laws to celebrate christmas in style.
{my favorite oldham}
{the chapel on temple square}
{me loving life with the in-laws}


a few weeks back aaron played at velour with our friend ricky ray. {thats right my husband is a rock star.}


be merry.

i am so excited for this holiday season.

the snow has finally arrived, in perfect timing. i get a five day weekend off of work, hallelujah. in turn i get to spend all my free time with my loving husband, creating our own christmas traditions and memories. i am able to spend the holiday with my new family, whom i love and adore. my mom will be here {weather permitting} soon to share the jolly holiday with us.

i have so many reasons to be merry this season.


raise your hand,

if you love exposed brick.


i heart

everything about this room.

do geometric patterns may anyone else giddy? maybe its just me.


quirky much?

i was tagged by etta.

my six little quirks are
  • i cant really have people help me with things, mainly because i have a vision for everything. i feel awful for my husband because i would love his help for dinner, but if he doesn't do things the way that i would have done them i kinda freak.
  • i always must have my fingernails painted at all times. if that means some clear polish on my little stubs, so be it.
  • i have to eat apples around the middle first and then the sides. i don't know how people eat them otherwise, it seems completely abnormal.
  • i hate talking on the phone, with a fiery passion. this may be spawned from my job that keeps me on the phone most of the day, but whatever it is i cant stand talking on the phone. so don't think i don't love you if you don't hear from me for awhile, i just cant stand having that stupid thing up to my ear.
  • i constantly pull at my eyebrows or brush them with my fingers. this may have something to do with me not having an eyebrows but whatever it is, it is certainly a nervous habit that i must stop.
  • does anyone else feel naked without earrings. cause i certainly do.
enough for you people? after writing that little list, i think i need to get a grip and be a little less controlling. yikes.



why didnt anyone ever tell me about the sundance online catalog until i moved to utah. you people holdin out on me or what.
how about these beauts?

or what about these lookers?

or possibly these dandy boots adorned with buckles?

my man,

would really dig this house, me thinks.


HOLIDAY PHOTO GIVEAWAY! (posted by aaron)

If you live in Utah, follow the link below to nominate someone you know who could use family photos, a wedding package, etc. It is a great time to give for the holidays!



i <3 martha

she may have been indited, but she is still most every woman's idol.

and these cranberry scones just look delightful.

post about posts.

visit manic trout to take a gander at more of these pretty little things.


for the boys (posted by aaron)


Follow the link above, then click on the link that says "see what life is like....." (film reel)



this is not a joke. this really exists. at urban outfitters.
seeing is believing people.

good news moment.

aaron and i filled up the tank for $17.00 last night. that's right folks.

beehive this.

* i love geometric patterns and this honeycomb design is so pleasing to my eyes.

made by: girl

i stumbled across this little designer today. i am delighted.

totally into the chandelier prints.

retail therapy

retail me not.
discounts, coupons, retails codes.

ever heard of it?