happy hump day.

if you are not aware; wednesday = hump day.

we are half way through the week people. here's your sign.


recent situations have left me with no phone.

dont hate me, but i might not ever get another one. i am really liking the independence.

in the meantime, leave all you love on the blog or email me at kaytidan{at}gmail{dot}com.


you better hustle.

i found some superb buys online today that i might just suggest buying. not only are they modest {add a few cardigans here and there} but they are darling and priced just right.

* t-shirt dress in coral
* rugby t in purple
* purdy rose t
* navy blue tailored dress
* color block dress


to do.

being the bread lover that i am, i think this recipe is a must try. i will put this on the 'to do' list this week.

just this picture makes me salivate.


spring cleaning.

in my personal opinion, spring cleaning should be accompanied by a fresh, new wardrobe. toss out the old, bring in the new, am i right?

maybe we could all pick up a few pieces from heidi merrick's line because she is ever so talented.

the plan is:

we are headed to st. george this weekend to catch some sun.

i am excited to put some miles on the car, roll down our windows and sing the whole way there. i am looking forward to dipping my toes in the pool and getting kissed by the spring sun. most of all, i am so elated that the cares of this week will soon be far behind me.

couch coolness.

simple, yet oh so retro and rad.

just imagine the perfect fabric on those throw pillows to match your family room decor. are you imagining? 'cause i am loving.



if you havent noticed - i love kitchens.

i love our little kitchen with a mini stove, yellow counter tops and linoleum floors. i love ashley's white kitchen with the big window looking out to their backyard. and i really love this cool blue kitchen by david collins that i found here.

is that a full marble counter top? i think it just might be.



with all the birthday's and little hands and candle lickers in our family i think these might be a good little investment.


bright light.

i have a huge crush on big windows.

our little basement pad, although cooler during the summers, does not let much light in. oh how i love bright natural light. and one day, one day we will feel the warmth of that bright light on our faces during the summer while sitting in our kitchen sipping ice cold lemonade.


reduce. reuse. recycle.

save the planet and have bangin, eco-friendly seating on the back patio.

*project #1 for the spring



the fad i am fancying right about now is exposed concrete.

exhibit a:*how rad? am i right.

love me some -

- weekend.

i also love me some yellow accents. here are a few little treasures i have been storing up all week.

*i really dig the yellow accents in the wallpaper set off by that incredible yellow chair you get a peek of.

*do you heart this yellow rug as much as me? ooo i love it.

*all these yellow accents just scream spring make-over.

maybe after the spring cleaning this weekend i will me some yellow accents to brighten up our little basement pad.




it's snowing.

like really really snowing outside. so much for spring fever.


faces and places.

i am almost positive that i could spend all day long on this site.

i love people watching. now i can do it from the comfort of my own little computer. yippie-cay-yay.

screw pandora.

finally a place where i can play the exact music that i want to listen to for free. i am really digging Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix.

husband is part handsome and part genius for finding lala.com. thank you husband and thank you lala.com for making my work day a little more bearable.


day trippin'

this weekend we met up with ryan and aly {our bff's that live in the far away land of logan} in salt lake city at the gateway mall. after a lot of walking, some ice cream and quite a few laughs at the clark planetarium we sat down to "trip out" to the light and lazer show to the album 'the wall' byt pink floyd.

we werent as "perpared" as the rest of the audience, but it was a rockin show with rockin company!

other things,

like school, real estate, a little more school and a lot more real estate have been taking up most of husbands time.*isnt that just the hottest face you have ever seen?

we may live in the same bedroom and share the one car, but sometimes it feels like we dont get any time together; time away from the rest of the world and all the many distractions, just simply and purely together. however, in my selfish woes i need to remember all of the wonderful things that husband has accomplished for our little family as of recent.

  • i am so proud that he has taken on his school as a priority. he has been working so hard to stay on top of the reading, attend all of the lectures and excel in his homework assignments.
  • before all of his assignments for the day husband finds time to do the dishes and make me smile. {what a charmer right?}
  • husband has been slaving away at real estate and no matter how much people take advantage of his talents and understanding he is as relentless and patient as ever. as he closes in on one deal he starts up with another and i am so impressed by his determination to succeed.
  • as we{mostly husband}, work to get a new car, husband has talked with the bank and researched endlessly on what would be the best choice for our family right now.
so here's to trying to to be selfless with my lovers time!



esty besty

my friendly friend bethany m. christian has just opened up a pretty little esty shop.

can i get a 'whoop whoop'?

you can buy vintage clothes for your little ones here! save that link and visit often - she has tons of great finds to share with you and your kiddos weekly.


i am fully aware -

- that this is meant for a nursery or somethin, but i secretly want it for our bedroom.

drumroll please.

first things first.

CONGRATS to Steph Taylor who will be receiving her plum colored crochetted headband and to Saedi Oldham who will soon be enjoying some dangly earrings of her very own {as soon as they email me thier addresses at kaytidan{at}gmail{dot}com}!

i am still very tenative to start this little esty shop of mine and realize that i need to post some pictures. *pictured will be posted tonight* spread the news people, i need more feedback!

*oh and stay tuned for another give away this week. yippie!


i heart my fam.

i got lucky with the family that i married into. like really, really lucky.

aaron and i spent a saturday, with my sis-in-law aly and her three little girls, at the park.


rumor has it -

- that michelle obama is the next "jackie-o". what gives - are you a fan?