its raining. its pouring.

although i hate this dreary, grey wet weather with a fiery passion and may have mentioned yesterday to mr. oldham that we might have to move to sunnier pastures, i love that i can still stick warm hats on our little guy. i have been anxious to try on the following hat that my friend brianna made for roe and it was just as darling as i thought it would be.

so, thank you rain for sticking around a bit longer. and thank you brianna for the fabulous accessory!


squeaky clean.

roe and i love baths equally. we both love the smell of the night time bath soap we use. we both love scrubbing his head and washing away the toe jam found between his fat little feet. we both love toweling off and then the lotioning and massage that ensues.

i know this, obviously, because he told me. oh and the fact that these pictures just say a thousand words.

among other news.

i promise that although we have a newborn, we have still been living our lives. in fact a few weeks back some friends threw a backyard garden party to kick off the summer and despite the chilly weather we enjoyed good food, great atmosphere and fabulous company. images via the ever fabulous nicole


so blessed.

today, may 11th, our little manchild is two months old.

to: david monroe oldham

this last sunday {mothers day} your dad blessed you in church and since then i have not been able to push the feeling aside of just how incredibly and overwhelmingly blessed you really are.

first of all, i hope that you know and grow to appreciate the amazing man that your father is. not only will he always make you laugh and teach you how to wakeboard, but he will lead you by his example, to live a honest life, be the best friend a person can ask for, to uphold the priesthood and to love the Lord with all your heart. i hope you know how much i love him and how grateful i am that he is your father - we are both so very lucky to have him.

second, i hope that you know how many people love you. your extended family is made up of people who want the very best for you and who will encourage you from your very first step to the day you open your mission call {and further, of course}.

last of all, as cheesy as this sounds, i hope you know how honored i feel to be your mother. we are coming up on trying times and i know that you were saved for these days to be a beacon of light in our little family as well as to all of those you come in contact with. your smile, even now, warms up a room and i know that feeling will only become stronger as you learn and grow each day.

i love you. with all of my heart, i love you kiddo.
images from the blessing via Nicole