talk about body image.

Fox has announced plans to cast a new reality show called More to Love in which “average looking” women will vie for the affections of a man producers describe as a “Kevin James-type.”

for reals?

this show might consist of "average looking" women, but when average is considered "more to love" i think i may have a BIG bone to pick with fox.


gimme, gimme.

i want to start an etsy shop, but my trouble is that i dont know if it will be successful.

you people need to prove me wrong.

i have been tinkering around with earrings and crocheted headbands and i would really like to see what you people think. so how about this: a little give-away?

write me a comment telling me whether you would like earrings or a headband and colors that would make you happy. then, tell me why you think you deserve this little treat. THEN, on friday {april 3rd} husband will choose randomly two winners; one to receive earrings and one to receive a headband!

so fun right?! *pictures to come of samples.

coming -

- to a theater near you. september 18th, 2009.

get ready.


on my walk.

so, on my walk the other day i was thinking . . . what was the best summer activity that makes everyone laugh, that can work well with a sprinkler and also doubles as a camp-out site?

if you guessed trampoline, you are a winner.

*anyone wanna pitch in to put this in our backyard?

bollywood comes to hollywood

i'll admit, i am a little behind.
i should have seen this movie weeks and weeks ago.

if anyone wants to see 'slumdog millionaire' who hasnt {or even who has} i will go again and enjoy every minute with you. also, if anyone sees the soundtrack for sale, please be a pal and let me know!


eighth grade . . .

. . . was a really great year for me. i met breanne.

our class was working on a project and we had to divide into groups. we needed one more person in our group and breanne was new to our school. you can imagine how the rest of the story goes, blah, blah, blah we invited her into our group, she and i had our first conversation about her wearing "boy" shoes and TA-DA we were inseparable.

i might have had braces, but she did too. i may not have known how to handle my massive mane of hair, but neither did she. i may or may not had the worst teacher known to man kind who dressed like a complete hussy, but we had each other in that class. i might have been totally boy crazy but she was too. and i know for sure that i had a few breakdowns that sent my mother into madness, but so did she and we had one another's houses to run to for refuge.

this best pal of mine is in town. not only that, but she is staying in our little abode for the weekend. i don't care if this doesn't excite you on any level, because i am already excited on every level that she is here. all the way from denver, she is here!

spoon full of sugar.

i have always loved this movie. something about pulling lamps out of a carpet bag, having a tea party on the ceiling, shooting through chimneys and going through chalk drawings just get me right here {and by 'here' i do mean 'heart'}

do you have a movie that just makes you smile at the very thought?


who wouldnt -

- want these designs posted on their walls?

i found this site awhile ago and i really, really think you peeps should check it out. cause i am pretty sure you are going to like.

wild thing.

"wild thing, you make my heart sing, you make everything groovy, wild thing, no chord, wild thing, i think i love you but, i wanna know for sure, come on and hold me tight, i love you"

i cant stop thinking about this movie. or that song. ahh good memories.
"I recognize that in all of our lives there are real concerns. I know there are hearts here today that harbor deep sorrows. Others wrestle with fears that trouble the soul. For some, loneliness is their secret trial. These things are not insignificant. However, [there are] two principles that may help you find a path to peace, hope, and joy—even during times of trial and distress. I want to speak about God's happiness and how each one of us can taste of it in spite of the burdens that beset us."

Dieter F. Uchtdorf


very fine house.

first of all, i love this house.

second, does it remind anyone else of the house from 'iron man'? cause i loved that house too.

luck be a lady.

i wanna make this print.

{the one that says 'good luck, i love you'; just in case you couldnt tell ;)}

big bonus.

i found a little treasure.not only does she make custom portraits for cute couples, but she is from portland. i know right? super cool.


just around the corner.

summer is just around the corner and hence the ever dreaded heat is approaching. dont get me wrong i love the heat, BUT can i get an amen that modest really is hottest. {by hottest i only mean sweaty, sticky, yucky, hot}

i think that i could possibly rock these jazzy numbers from gap.

*those are the only ones that i could find. no joke. i checked every website i could think of. where does everyone else gets their modest cloths? geez.


puff away.

let me introduce you to large puff found on aiveen daly designs. i am not too sure if i would just sit across from this chair and stare at it's beauty all day long or if i would lounge in it all day long reading. either way it's dang purdy.

two lips.

dearest two-lips,

how i love thee in every color and arrangement. how i miss thy buds sprouting in our front yard in portland. my dearest wishes to visit you and the spring fever that you bring to my heart.

xoxox, your biggest fan

*one great thing about oregon - the two-lip festival.



tomorrow is . . . the first day of spring, the start of a great weekend, the day when i will trot myself over to borders and buy girl scout cookies to stuff my face, and the day when i can stay up late and then sleep in with the husband.


dream car.

call me crazy, but the jeep wagoneer has always been my dream car.

i am not sure if this spawns from my hippie roots or my deepest desire to be a surf bum; either way i dig.


is showing tonight at provo town center @ 7pm. a little bit of culture for the evening.

in all its glory.

oh how i wish that you were four inches longer. and a few pennies cheaper. {sad face}

i neeeed -

- a new bag. like real real bad. husband doesn't really understand this since i already have quite a few purses, never the less, believe me, i need a new bag.

what are our feelings about these pretty little pieces?

*too bad they start at 5-hundy. still so so pretty.


get into it.

how fun would this platter be for . . . let say, serving veggies with ranch, bread and spinach dip or chips and salsa? i am way into it.

holiday home.

first, if a had a holiday that would be sweet.

then, if i had a holiday home that would be super sweet.

then, if i had a holiday home that looked like this charming piece of work, that would be even more super sweet.


the boy scout motto is "be prepared" right?

so why shouldnt i find out where those girl scouts are selling cookies in my area? thats right there is no reason to be ashamed.

check it. the list of places where those girls will be selling our favorite seasonal treats in provo.

picky palate

found this tasty little treat on picky palate, probably a new frequent stop for recipes. peanut butter cheesecake bars may or may not be on my to do list this weekend, dont hate me if i hoard them all to myself. i hope you can understand.

adios amigos.

in t-minus 9 hours i will be in oregon visiting my favorite people in the world.

oh and also dressing up to see this little number . . .


this is -

- the man that i married.

i thank my lucky stars each day that i found a man that makes me laugh and who doesn't care how extremely abnormal i am.

minus the onions.

i made these enchiladas this last weekend and they were fantastic, if i do say so myself.

click on the picture for a printable recipe. *oh and i took out the onions in the recipe because we all know that onions are evil.



yes please.

i love melissa rufty's style. although i know i could never pull it off, i love how she mixes textiles and patterns that look both eclectic and put together.


chugga - chugga

update: aaron and i have just been truckin right a long these days. the husband is in school and working relentlessly on real estate. the wife is just getting over being sick and is getting back into the swing of things at work.

i have been thinking a lot about a conversation that i had with my beyond incredibly talented and beautiful sister-in-law recently. thanks to her, tender mercies have been on my mind these past few days.

“But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance” (1 Ne. 1:20)

tender mercies . . . client complimenting me on my work, finally. waking up to a smiling husband. slow day at work. mail being delivered right to me at my desk. left over pizza lunch.