a tribute to our friends ryan & ali...

we love our friends ryan and ali so we wanted to tell everyone a little about them.

ali is smart, and loves to swim.

ali has a great taste in guys, that's why she married ryan. he loves to work out, and I think some other stuff. he's so fun!

ryan had a birthday! boy is he a fun guy...

we like to hang out with them! ryan's agent really wanted some publicity for ryan and asked us to post about him, check out their blog on our sidebar for more of him.


sparkle for spring.

i found all of these pretty little things at BR. oh how i love thee banana republic.


has spring really sprung?

remember when you could leave your jacket at home and take a walk in the sunshine? remember when you could wear sunglasses and roll down the windows in your car? remember when you didnt have to wear socks to keep your toes warm?
oh ya, that was yesterday.

welcome warm weather. now we will dream of lake powell and fugdecicles.

carter williamson.

discover carter williamson. i have and i am in love.

i am a huge fan of the clean and classic lines combined with warm light and comfort.


baby names.

i have no idea how i ended up at this site. but i can tell you one thing for sure, only in utah or other southern states where they name their babies 'Oran Gello' would you find Eria spelled 'Aarikkaa'.

can you imagine having to spell that shiz out for your drivers license application or even just over the phone?

please people.

here comes the gravy train!

aaron and i saw henry selick's new animated film 'coraline' this weekend.

not only was the animation incredible and the story line eerie and entertaining, but we got to wear 3-D glasses.

i would go see this again. pretty sure maybe more than once again.


this is real.

family fotos at their best. those were the days.


love me some kitchen.

one day, ONE day we will have a full size stove and a dishwasher and possibly some counter space, but until then i will just love on these kitchens.


whole lotta' love.

husband is sick. like really, really sick. like 'when he coughs it sounds like his lung might come out through his mouth any minute' kind of sick.

poor husband. i hope you feel better soon.

ps. for all you people who say that i should dedicate this blog to my husband - maybe you're right, but at least you all know how much i love him. thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much {arms wide open}.



husband is making rad changes to the blog outline and background. pretty much the best husband around.

me loves - what do you peeps think?


mama strawn -

- had a birthday today. shout hooray!

*too bad she left school before her flowers had been delivered to her classroom, in turn making me freak out and ruin the surprise by telling her to go back to school after her meeting. geez.

whelp, i love you mom, no matter how awful of a daughter i am <3

read me.

so, i have never been much of a reader.

in fact in sixth grade my home room teacher, during SSR {super silent reading}, calculated how fast i read in front of the whole entire class, concluding that i read slower than a first grader and ruined any like or desire that i had or may have had to ever read again.

lo and behold. recent circumstances {husband being a devout homework completer and reader} have broken me of this fear i have always had of reading. i have found the power to turn off the TV and become enveloped in the happenings of my novels.

i am not sure if this is a permanent thing. {the haunting image of that horrific teacher still looms in the deepest corners of my mind, threatening to jump out at any moment and send me back into a downward and negative spiral} but for now i am thoroughly enjoying Chiam Potok's novel 'I am the Clay'.

any recommendations on a good read - share with the class. {i promise i will never calculate how fast you read, embarrass you beyond recovery and make you hate reading. cross my heart}


pretty sure this is the most amazing room on the face of the planet.

i know that it is wrong to covet, but i am coveting. big time.


i heart,

this little leaf design clock. for $4.99 i sure wish it were in stock, the little bugger.

roll out the love.

on a brighter note i did find this awesome idea.

that's right, i made a fruit roll up. for my husband.

too bad it costs $30 for 30 roll-ups and i wouldn't get them until the 16th of february. otherwise, that would have been a winner for sure.


in searching for the perfect valentines idea for my fantastic beau, i found a few ideas i quite liked.

i can just imagine aaron's face, signing for the crates containing a pair of sheep to commemorate my love for him. for peet's sake. i think i will keep my 90 bucks, thank you.