i know that the nursery does not have to be in order before our munchkin arrives, however i have been working on two graphic art pieces that i am excited to put in his room to make the room his own. i am so excited to see these images in person and framed in his room!

here is a modern family tree to add some history to our buddies space.
and the alphabet poster i made with his name highlighted in red.


here comes the son.

i am aware that its been awhile people, but in all reality these past few months have flown by. i stood by our fridge the other day staring at the ultrasound pictures of our little munchkin and realized that the last time i saw our baby was on that day months ago when we found out that we were having a - manchild - as aaron would say! i look back at those blurry ultrasound pictures and wonder how much has he changed, who will he look more like, is he going to be healthy both of body and mind, will he take after aaron's humor or my non-altheticism, will he be as passionate about music as aaron and i are and does he know how much he is loved already.

dont mind that these pictures are subparr because they are scanned, but you get the idea.

aaron and i were ecstatic that our little bun in the oven had a pecker, not only because we could not agree on girl names to save our lives, but because we both wanted to start off our family with a 'manchild'. that excitement has not worn off as we pick out clothes for him to wear and imagine summers teaching him to play catch and kick a soccer ball.