good news.

it's halloween people, hence an excuse to dress up, eat treats and get my groove on.


if i lived here:

i would never leave my house.


i am also,

happy about these pretty things i found awhile ago.
it's just too bad i didnt see these before the wedding;)

happy hump day.

today is a day to be grateful that
  • the work week is half way over
  • the husband made an offer on a house today with some clients *whoop, whoop*
  • it is warm and sunny outside
  • i made some dang good bread last night
  • halloween is two days away
  • i have a fantastic husband who shows me he loves me every single day
  • the red bugs in our office are leaving
  • i am wearing my favorite boots today and feel fantastic
  • my family, however far away, supports me
  • i don't have a headache
  • our little niece, Norah was born without any complications
  • my fingernails are painted
  • aaron sold more stuff from our house that we didn't need
  • we have a macbook pro to watch our fav shows on
  • the leaves are falling so i can crunch them under my feet
  • i have a husband that always makes me laugh
did i mention that halloween to two days away? im stoked.



im hooked.

i am a huge fan of keeping things of the floor and on decorative hooks like these.

rest your head--

--on these bad boys.


five little things

as if my life werent boring enough, you people get to read more about me.

what i was doing 10 years ago:
- wearing braces
- sporting some sweet poofy hair-do
- singing in jackson middle school's patriotic choir concert
- dated school heart throb nick life

things on my to-do list:
- finish the twenty art projects that aaron and i have for our house
- make bread, again
- get a costume
- tell my husband that i love him
- clean out my closet and get ready for winter

snacks i enjoy:
- salt and vinegar chips
- cauliflower
- bread
- twizzlers cherry licorice
- corn nuts

things i would do if i were a millionaire:
- buy a house
- buy some flat black shoes
- get a gym membership
- invest
- help out family members

i tag:
- shelby
- jenn mize
- rachel
- beth
- kacie


my weakness

= carbs.
ya, i am a sucker for bread what can i say. so obviously my night with mom oldham teaching me how to make home made wheat bread was a highlight, to say the least.

wish me luck this weekend trying things on my own.


does anyone else,

have a husband that is as talented as mine? probly not.

here he is singing for his album 'organ for jonah'. thanks to kev we have this fabulous picture.


hats off

to mothers. although it may not be mother's day a mother's worth does not depreciate. i found this little article, 'the price of a mom: $138,095' on my friend christin's blog and i could not be more impressed.

so hats off to all the cleaned up messes, the long nights without sleep, the patience with tempers, the carpool to school and practice, the creative strategies and ideas and more importantly the love for your children and husband. hats off to the mothers in the world and more importantly the mothers in my life.

happy belated

birthday to husband.
husband who teaches me new things everyday. like how to appreciate the small things, how to love unconditionally, how to laugh without reason, how to persevere in hard times, how to work on my talents and how to listen with open ears and mind.

husband, i love you.


one day -

- we won't live in a basement apartment.
- we will have a deck that looks out into the forest or beach.
- we will be able to put holes in our walls.
- we won't have to worry about spiders under our pillows.
- we will have bright natural light beaming in from huge windows.
- we can have a white couch.

for now i love our little place; a space, however small, that aaron and i can call our own.


gimme some:

peace. i have noticed, be it the upcoming election, the current war that we are in, or the up and coming 60's/70's revival, the peace sign is every where. i think i could sport this subtle suggestion.peace, love and harmony, ya baby.

im finding,

that etsy has quite a bit to offer my selfish feminine desires.

i love this ring; reminds me of a bracelet that my papa made my mom that i now have and love.
i am a fan of this darling little design, and for 8 bucks, this might just be a steal.
i'm not going to lie, this just makes me smile.

my development

has recently been 'arrested development'. who knew a family could be more messed up than mine; kinda refreshing.Michael: Since when are you against leather?
Maeby: Yeah, you're not even a vegetarian.
Lindsay: Well, I'm not against the insides. I mean, people need meat to survive.
Michael: You are aware they don't remove it surgically, right?

-thanks kris and bethany. you have forever changed my life.

im into

little rows of pretty things.


plan around--

--this sweet design from chistiaan postma. this kinda reminds me of those people that decorate with pictures from their old inspirational calenders, but cooler. a lot cooler.

red slippers

i have never been the biggest fan of red, but i think i could live in this little shop by hayon studio forever.

lovers chair

from italian designer nacho carbonell. his purpose seems abstract, but i love the creativity of his whole line.



aaron found this rockin site. i am all about finders keepers, but i am fine sharing this little diddy with you.

oct 11th

marks the first snow in provo utah.

bring it on winter.

best husband award goes to . . .

. . . aaron oldham for . . . bringing me bright orange flowers after work, whisking me off to d.i., then dinner and a movie. what a friday night, am i right?



It's a BOY!

Arrived: Oct. 10, 2008 at 2:45 pm
Weighs: 5 lbs 4 oz
Measures: 1 x 14.1 x 9.6 inches

It sleeps all night without a sound. True love.



does anyone ever feel this way about their weekends?

cup o' tea

how rad is this?
found at uncommongoods.com--worth a gander for sure.

more good deals

for $49.99 i am quite certain this is a steal.



pretty sure that free hand bags on the hour, every hour is the way to go.


check it. what what.


dont you--

--hate it when you wake up, feel something sticky under your pillow, lift up the pillow to find a spider leg and then notice that there is a HUGE spider just chillin' all curled up, shriveled and dead on the underside of your pillow?

i thought i was going to throw up. good morning wednesday!


i want

these fabrics in our bedroom. delightful.

the cougars--

--have a new member. aaron got accepted to byu this afternoon.

can i get a 'woop-woop'?

i <3

enrique iglesias. i am the only one that still grooves to his tunes?

mid-life crisis

do you think that i should be embarassed that i starting bawling my eyes our during my voice lesson so hard that i had to leave, then hypervenilated outside my voice teachers' house, officially freaked my husband out and had an overall breakdown all within the same hour?

well, i am.