feeling a little artsy.

the mr and myself have been feeling artsy and inspired as of recent. so much so that we have finally taken up the things that we really love again and have started creating our own pieces for our walls.

aaron had a class assignment due this week to create a painting. voila. {i really wish that the below picture did this painting half the justice that it deserves}

* i dont mean to brag, but i cant really help myself.

get groovin.

tired of pandora? let me open those tired eyes and ask you to try grooveshark.com.

you can create your own playlists, save your favorites, replay a song however many times your heart pleases, listen to talk radio, follow music blogs, look at all of the albums of the bands you already love and research bands that you just started to love.
im groovin.


one thing is for sure.

my heart has found a band that makes it pitter-patter.

dear 'the temper trap',

thank you for your perfect blend of eighties ballads and indie melodies. not sure why i didnt find you sooner, but my life has changed for the better.

my adoration,

if you dont regularly check out the HEAR YE section of this blog, it might be in your best interest ----------------------->.


in honor

of the upcoming week of love, here are a few things that bring a smile to my face.

{from left clockwise} babies and their chub. french fries in all their greasy goodness. the bachelor and all the drama that follows. nail polish is fun colors for spring. the beach, the sunshine and the love of my life.

monday moment.

i am lucky.

lucky to have good health (minus this dang cold, of course), endless support, warm home, healthy food, soft bed, great love, positive finances and a fabulous family to wake up to each morning. lucky to have a car with ac for the summer and a house with warm water for the winter.

i am lucky to remember everyday that no matter how bad i think my circumstances are that things could always be worse.

i watched 'extreme makeover: home edition' last night and got an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for our little basement apartment {gasp!}. i know that i always complain about it but i could not be more happy with where we are at. we don't have a dishwasher, but we have good enough health to stand and laugh and chat whilst we scrub our dirty dishes. we might not have very much space, but that just makes for more intimate moments with those that we love. our bathroom might be old, but we are free of mold and mildew and our drawers might get stuck every time we pull them open, but we have many happy memories and useful supplies to fill them up with. our oven might be half the size of a normal oven, but we have plenty of pots to cook in and plenty of food to cook with.

what makes you lucky?


see ya latro.

do you have one dish that you tend to crave one particular thing a few times during the week? well i do. and i am not pregnant, that is just the way i am. one of the things that i crave are the southwestern egg rolls on chili's app menu. black beans, corn, cilantro and hot spices all deep fried? yes please.

well i made them last night for aaron and i and we may or may not have just eaten them standing in the kitchen because i couldnt wait any longer for more to deep fry.

on that note, i hope that you all have a fantastic weekend - full of things that you crave :)

* if you crave the same things that i do then you should try this recipe that lea, so kindly, sent over to me.

1 can Corn (drained)
1 can black beans (drained)
1/2 bunch cilantro
Juice from 1 lime
1 1/2 cup of chopped spinach
1 tsp minced garlic
2 medium sized chicken breast...cooked, finely chopped
1 1/2 to 2 cups shredded cheese, mexican mix
2 T olive oil
Cumin about 1 tsp
Chili powder
about 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Cracked red pepper or
cayenne pepper to desired spiciness

1 packet of 20 egg roll wraps.

Mix it all together, put about a big spoonful inside the wrap. (It takes a few times to judge the size of the egg roll and you will think you have too much and think you need to make them bigger)...don't. Roll it up tight. Seal edge with a little water.
Deep fry in oil.

its a good thing

that i rented two movies for one night because i had this movie left over for my sick day yesterday.



tonight was a good night - a perfect combination of my delish menu eaten on the floor by myself accompanied with chilled pallegrino right out of the bottle and the viewing of 'new york, i love you'. if you havent seen it yet, you must change that, trust me.

see, perfect clips on love and new york and phoenix to top it all off, i told you it is amazing.

happy hump day.

today has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day - please tell me you remember this book from your childhood too.

in turn i am highly anticipating grabbing a red box on the way home and cooking up a storm. whats on the menu? homemade sweet corn tamale cakes from cheesecake factory and tortilla soup from california pizza kitchen.

i hope that your wednesday evening is as delightful as i think mine just might be.


monday moment.

its officially the month of love.

our first valentines day together as a married couple aaron was sick as a dog and we spent the night sleeping off his cold. at the time, i was upset with this sequence of events and even after him trekking out in the cold of winter with a clogged nose and congested head to get me beautiful flowers and a take out dinner, i was bummed. i want to publicly apologize to my husband for such junvenille behavior.

this year i will not let such childish attitudes get in my way.

this year i will be content even if i need to spoon feed the mr. soup all night because at least i have someone to spoon feed. this year i want to focus on the miracle that i have someone to love and that i have someone who loves me - unconditionally. cheers to love!

we decided

to go off of desserts - again.

this time i really want to stick to my guns and eliminate candy, desserts and soda from my diet, but then i found these.

dag-nab-it sugar, why must you torment me so? welp at least i know what i will be doing for valentines day treats.