tunes for tuesday

if you know me well, you know that in a past life i was a singer. not like 'mariah carey' style, but a trained, state champion, opera & vocal performance singer. i may have ditched voice lessons & competitions may be in my distant past, but my passion for good music has never left me.

with that said i open up 'tunes for tuesday' to the blogger world & ask you readers for your current favorite bands, songs, records & i will post the links of those 'fan favorites' on the side bar under "hear ye". i have been updating my playlist & have even revived an oldie (black eyed peas - request line) back into my jogging rotation.

i am certain that i am not the only one who, upon hearing a song with a great beat, wants to dance like there is no tomorrow. or when hearing a slow rhythmic & lyrical song feel like the words & tune speak to you directly & you feel as though that song is the soundtrack to your life. or after dragging your feet to the gym you know you can motivate yourself with some heavy metal or hardcore rap. am i the only one?

check out my favorites right now, under the sidebar "hear ye", drop me a line with a few of your favorite tunes & lets share our playlists!

signing out - DJ kayti

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