if you ask me, i will tell you that i am a deal hunter. if you ask my husband, he will tell you, simply, that i am a money spender. i suppose i cannot disagree with him, but shopping is therapeutic & so to my husband i say 'bring on the therapy'. {lets not mention that fact that i may actually need therapy nor that it might actually be cheaper to see someone weekly than the damage that i do sometimes}

in an effort to be easier on the pocketbook & make the husband rest easier i told him that i was determined to shop exclusively second-hand. i committed that for the remainder of september i would restrict myself shop at second-hand or consignment stores. theeeeeeeeeeen i received my free people catalog. i quite literally dog-earred every. last. page & found myself coveting a few too many items for my moral & spiritual wellness.

i love their easy, boho, rocker edge for fall {for all the time, really} & it brought me back to my hippie upbringing in portland, oregon. hence, i am determined to have each piece. but haaaaaaaaaaaaaail no! am i willing to fork out four-hundred bones for one single item, ever. that is  where my september challenge comes in.

enter: mediocre thrifted boots for $7.99

enter: studs $8

enter: a few episodes of dateline & elbow grease

result: knock off rocker boots $15.99

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Jessica Larae said...

Um...love your cute blog! What thrift stores do you go to? I loved thrifting in Vancouver and Portland but I haven't had much success here in Provo.