one & a half

today marks the nugget's eighteen month milestone.

sweet monroe,

what character you have become. just the other day you strolled into the living room with just a diaper on & your winter fur hat on your head. upon realization that you had our full attention you proceeded to run around & around the ottoman while punching the air with your fist & saying "shhh, shhhh, shhhhhh". thats right, you're running now. you're jumping now, you're sword fighting now, you're throwing balls now - you, my friend, are a full blown boy now. you are obsessed with motorcycles, trucks & trains, but when asked you call everything "truuuuh" - 'A' for effort kiddo. as we drive, you stare intently out the window & at the mere sound of a motorcycle revv you squeal & yell "truuuuuh!". on our walk to the library you point out every, single truck that pops into view & yell until i acknowledge your seemingly rare & shocking discovery. while mimi was visiting she turned a costco produce box into a train for you & that has become one of you favorite toys. you will simply sit down inside it & sweetly demand a ride around the house by saying "chooo?". and when we are outside & you hear the far distant train you point and yell "chooo-chooo!!". each word you say, makes me beam with pride. i feel as though i have turned into one of those really annoying mother's who pushes their kid to perform in front of friends, family & even strangers so everyone can witness what a smart kid you have become. 

we work on your animal sounds daily because currently the two animals you favor are dogs & ducks, both of which you can pronounce. you know what sound a horse, elephant, snake, monkey, chicken, dog & duck make & upon the sight of them you exclaim that sound with joy. dad is working on your car/truck/motorcycle sounds because we all know you will never learn those from me. the other day he was sitting with you on the couch teaching you the difference between a road bike, street bike, dirt bike, sport bike etc & i've gotta say you've got the dirk bike sound down pat - "rrrring-ng-ning-ning" - it is probably one of the more adorable things you have done as of late. i take no credit for your genius, but it sure makes me proud.

i love your recent independence probably more than you do. you can feed yourself during each meal, you can tell me if your thirsty by saying "juice", you can bring me a book if you want to read it or (on the heart melting occasion) i will find you reading to yourself in your bedroom, you can throw your diaper away after you are changed & pick up tissues off the floor saying "trash?" & promptly take them to the garbage bin, when asked, you will go get your shoes from your room for us to put on you & while marching back, shoes in hand, you will say "shoo? shoo!", you are able to tell me if you want to go outside("side") or if you would like to take a bath("bapf!"), if you are hungry you can grab your own snack or simply ask me for a "nack?", you can even feel when your nose is runny, then find a tissue, dishrag or whatever cloth is in sight & blow your own nose, you amuse yourself by putting on my hats & running around the house saying "hat! hat!", you check with us first to make sure that what we are giving you to eat is not too hot by saying "hah? hah?" & have the notion to blow on your food if we tell you to wait, you are able to communicate if you want  help to sit in a chair & when asked "do you want help?" you will promptly say "ya". i love this age. more importantly i love you.

with everything that i am, i love you. - your proud mama

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! I am so glad you are absolutely, positively, head over heals in love with your darling boy! Brings me great joy!!!!!