happy hallows eve!

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happy hallows eve people.

twas the night before halloween, and all through the house,
every ghost and goblin was itching to haunt me and my spouse.
the cobwebs were hung in the stairwell with care,
in hopes that freddy kruger would soon be there.
the children were sitting straight up in their beds,
awaken from nightmares of vampires in their heads...to be continued. don don don.


shop it to me.

i'll admit, i love shopping; i love finding a great deal, i love touching all of the fabrics and exploring how patterns and colors looks on me, i love rediscovering old fashion and reinventing old ideas for a super good price. so i hope that you will appreciate that i found these great deals today online and i wanted to share them with you.

from top left clockwise - solid boyfriend cardi for $12.99
- ankle fringe botties for$14.99
- stripe slub wrap for $7.99
- lurex stripe scarf for $9.99

talk about frugal. am i right?

not only do i love

jessica alba, but i adore fall fashion. i have been following 'frugal fashionista' for awhile now and here is one idea that i have ripped off of that site that i would LOVE to recreate from my own closet.
if you havent already you must check out frugal-fashionistas.com. i get all giddy finding high fashion for bargain prices, dont you?



let it be known that the first snow in utah valley for 2009 was on October 27th.

uh-huh. bring it on winter.
i am looking forward to taking long silent walks at night with the mr and spending all of saturday sledding with pals. i am actually excited to make a snow man in our front yard and to bundle up with hot cocoa to catch up on movie watching. oh and the winter fashion; scarves, hats and coats, oh my! what do you love about winter?

tag you're it.

i love getting to know people through this blog - so all ya'all are tagged to spread the joy!

What are your middle names? Kathryn Danielle & Aaron Cameron
How long have you been together? officially dating . . . since September 2007
How long did you know each other before you started dating? a few months. he finally came around and started hanging out with me after my many advances.
Who asked who out? depends on who you ask. since i am writing this and this is my story, i did.
Whose siblings do you see the most? there is no question that we see Aaron's sibling the most - and i love it.
Do you have any children together? no, and to continue the ongoing joke, we never will.
What about pets? we would love a pup, but our small living quarters dont lend well to that right now. some day.
Did you go to the same school? Aaron is at BYU and i went to OSU - go beavs!
Who is the most sensitive? duh. me.
Where do you eat out most as a couple? red robin. we cave every time we think about the endless steak fries.
Where is the furthest you have ever traveled as a couple? road trip from oregon to utah. oh mercy, note to self: never do that again.
Who has the worst temper? me. Aaron only has road rage.
Who does the cooking? on good days me, on bad days 'little ceasars' ;)
Who is more social? Aaron completely.
Who is the neat freak? we both have our moments, but Aaron is far more germa-phobe than i am.
Who is the most stubborn? we both are, but Aaron is always right. tehe
Who hogs the bed? oh mercy i can admit that i hog the bed and the covers and all of Aaron's personal space.
Who wakes up earlier? me. dang job.
Where was your first date? honestly - neither of us can remember (classy huh). i think we went to jason's deli . . . haha.
Who has the bigger family? Aaron, youngest of seven.
Do you get flowers often? i wouldnt say often, but i would say at the right times.
Who eats more? Aaron. plain and simple.
Who sings better? i do - im kinda a big deal.
Who does the laundry? we do it together
Who is better with the computer? that would be Aaron. i am always asking him what new commands he can teach me.
Who drives when you are together? we trade off.
Who picks where you go to dinner? whoever feels more decisive at the time. we hate choosing.
Who is the first one to admit when they are wrong? i am so mean to Aaron - he is always taking the blame.
Who wears the pants in this relationship? Aaron and rightly so, he is better with money, with decision making and is just generally less emotional than me.
Who eats more sweets? neither of us like sweets, but since i have cut out all sweets Aaron has been a lot more than me.
Who cries more? me. duh. never seen the man cry.What's your best day together? Aaron would say "everyday" , close his eyes and lean in to kiss me all corny like and laugh. i will stick with that.
Where did you honeymoon? cannot beach, oregon. best week ever.
Favorite date night? i enjoy spending time with Aaron alone and Aaron enjoys being with friends so we find a balance in the middle.
Couple I imagine us growing old like? i cant imagine us growing old. our bodies may wear out, but we will always act like children. i plan on laughing with Aaron until the day that i die.


alright, lets face it, no one is perfect.

hence it was not until after setting up my entire etsy shop that i realized that i had spelled "fields", "fEilds". you would think that having a school teacher as a mother the whole 'i before e' thing would have set in. guess not.

with all of that said and me trying to be professional and all - i set up a new shop. i am now listed under 'strawberryfield4ever' and the name of the shop and the designs will remain exactly the same. the one thing that has changed, is that i have reevaluated my prices and they are now lower {i know you bargain hunters will be very pleased}.

dont hate me, i know that this will be a great change. so save THIS as your favorites and check weekly for new additions. winter is coming people, you must be prepared!


as of late

i have been working on setting up an etsy shop. it is still under construction, but please check out the listings, buy yourself a little treat or just tell me what you think.

spending my nights knitting like a little old lady has actually been quite relaxing ;)


until we meet again.

monday i will be unveiling a big project that i have been working on for awhile now {get pumped, cause i certainly am}, but until then have a merry weekend.


when we grow up.

and are millionaires and have the iphones . . . i will be making this. you bet your bottom dollar.


facelift for fall.

no we are not talking botox - don't get afraid.

i came upon this little idea that i think is just the genius that i needed for our little kitchen. revamp for every holiday, switch it up with holly berries or a string of paper twinkle lights for christmas that is around the corner :)

am i right, or i am right - this is cool.

i am inspired -

not only by sequins and glitter, but by this gal whom i just happen to share a name with. lucky me right?

she holds the magic that can turn the simple and mundane to the unique and mystical. check out her site; today and everyday!


dear mr.

today is your birthday.

on this day 25 years ago your mother gave birth to the brother that nate told her that he needed. little did nate know, 24 years later, that i would need you as well. that i would need your support to get through each and every work day. that i would need your laugh to balance out my anxiety and stress issues. that i would need your ambition to allow me to look forward to each day that is before me and that i would need your love to make me the person that i have always aspired to be.

thank you for being my best friend and for being the type of friend/brother/son that everyone can count on.

te amo con todo mi corazon.


we just got word

that the mr. got into the byu advertising program!

below is the sixty second video that he submitted with his admission application.

congrats love - here is to all of your hard work paying off.


so first,

let's catch up with the past few months.

aaron and i got the chance to visit priest lake, idaho with his family and although the trip marked the official end of summer, start of school and in turn cold weather, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

on the first afternoon in priest lake, joanna took us up to the lower rock slides.

mr mom taking easton on the ride of his life - both look like they are enjoying the father-son bonding.
the next day the weather cooled down and it proved the perfect opportunity to take the 3 hour hike up the wigwams. even at the halfway point i was getting nervous as to how high we were.

i have also become somewhat obsessed with our niece audrey who conked out a few minutes into the hike.

the view from the top was well worth me throwing out my hip and wheezing the whole way up. {old lady much?}

the day after our big hike, joanna's father took us all out on priest lake to explore.

it felt so refreshing to be back among green trees.

we had such a fantastic time chilling out on their dock eating, sitting in the hot tub laughing and shooting bb's from their fantastic deck.

thanks to jo and her fabulous family for a perfect weekend!