our boy has energy. like so much energy that as soon as he picks up one toy he is ready to move on to the next. so much energy that his favorite activity is wrestling & he will literally never tire of it.
we have started bathing rodeo in the kitchen sink & if you cant tell he kinda-sorta likes it a little. i love that these images capture just a hint of his crazy zeal for life. his smile is mostly open-mouthed & his laugh is squealing uncontrollably.


my joy & my song

life has handed us its fair share of trails. the manchild has been combating four ear infections within three months, has cut his two bottom teeth & is simultaneously working on the remaining four top teeth all while being slightly sleep deprived. all combined with my tumultuous personal emotional roller-coaster has resulted in a filthy, unorganized home & literally no home-cooked meals.

amidst all the mayhem, that has become my life, the silver lining remains constant & that is that we oldhams live a beautiful life, share a wonderful home & love each other unconditionally. because even with reoccurring ear infections, teething & sleepless nights our nugget brings us joys that we cannot express. he is, in every sense of the word, my happy place, the apple of my eye, my joy & my song.

i am fully aware that the majority of these pictures generally look the identical. i am still obsessed with each of them equally.


little people.

big world.

i love rodeo's sweet, inquisitive, little hands all over these toys that we revived, over Christmas break, from the time when my tiny hands were playing with them.

the little people have come full circle.

once upon a time.

like, around december of 2011, we, family of three, headed off to my hometown. portland treated us well & thanks to our trusty ole' phones we have a few candids to prove it.

i stopped by the local walgreens in the ush portlandian garb - stocked up @ trader joes - took the max train to visit the tree at pioneer square downtown - snuggled with my boo - caught a crawler exploring mimi's house - enjoyed cinnabons on christmas morning - ate dinner with the family christmas evening - enjoyed a little christmas concert a'la cousin style - mowed down on burgervilles fish & chips & fresh berry shake - let the nugget stay up after bedtime to watch some football - snuck in a little date night with the mr. - took the mr to my secret spot in portland - licked my plate with the mr @ papa haydens - hiked multnomah falls with nugget on board - watched old movies while eating peppermint ice cream, by the light of the christmas tree - visited cafe' yumm twice & walked out with my cravings fulfilled