a real man.

my man, is a real man, a real mans man. if you dont believe me take a gander at the below picture.with that said here are his cliff notes from what to wear wednesday's post {see below and preferably read first}:

"this is from a mans point of view. first of all, I agree with the skin stuff... but c'mon babe, washing your face doesn't take thaaat long. I'm told that if you have sensitive skin over-washing or using a micro-bead type wash will only worsen the skin. try using a lighter face wash or don't wash every night...

secondly, with the pony. funny enough, ponys are supposed to be fast, yet these photos represent ponys that were still done by stylists and a lot of product. when I hear pony I'm thinking a light pull-back with some whispys on each side of the face and the occasional need to tighten the pony with a double-hand pull to each side. a pony is supposed to be fast, and it's always sexy.

boho hair is hot too, just do what the lady says to get that action going.

if you have flat hair, don't put too many things up there for volume. head stuff is already on its way out, at least for me because i'm old school. stick to the pony and boho. if you really want to, stick to non-trendy headbands and avoid enormous flowers unless you're the babe off the movie "North Shore."

the fake lashes are sexy, especially on you blondies, but beware they end up on your pillow and apparently need to be "filled" often. $$$ not that awesome from a man's point of view. just sayin. they do take away the tarantula-legs look though which is nice.

only do really bright lips if you can. some of you girls out there can't pull it off. rule number one for girls SHOULD be: not all styles work for everybody. don't be sad if you can't rock a certain style. there is another good one out there for you... and please find it. "

the male


i wanted to start our 'what to wear wednesdays' with the basics - those small but essential items that make me feel glamorous despite what i have to choose from in my closet.

numero uno wardrobe essential - your face.
your face is the first thing that people see when they meet you, it is the emotion center of your appearance and must be well maintained. unlike most women, i hate washing my face. to me, its so much hassle - pull my hair back after scrambling to find a clip and headband, getting the water to the right temperature, then splashing my face a few times, then applying wash and scrubbing, then rinsing and after all of that cleaning and drying the counter of all residue {ew right?}.

i have not yet perfected the skincare method, but i did recently invest a whopping $5 in this little number from sephora:its called the 'precision pore cleansing pad' and it is magical, trust me. this way my gubby fingers never touch my face while washing and it feels like a mini-vacation every time i use it. regardless of your regimen make sure that your face takes a top priority when you get ready each day, clean, moisturize and care for that face of yours; you are stuck with it for the rest of your days :)

numero dos - your hair.
if your like me a bad hair day equals bad day all around. im trying not to sound super shallow here, but good hair is kind of a big deal to making sure that you are put together. NOTE: this does in no way mean that you must spend hours pulling your do together. however it does mean that if you want your outfit to look bangin, then you need to start at the top.

here are a few simple, fast and easy ideas that i recommend.
1 - the pony tail.
this can work in so many ways - see beyonce rockin the slick back look with the high pony (be confident in that big forehead;), or nicole richie with the feminine braid into low pony or lauren conrad with the elegant side part and low, side pony. test a few things out and find a go-to pony that works for you!

2 - beach waves aka "boho".
for some this look may require more effort however, i love the above picture of jessica szohr because it proves that you dont need to have perfect ringlets to pull it off. my secret? sleep with damp/wet hair twisted into a bun - wake up to waves!

3 - classic straight.
if your hair has body, embrace it! dont try to flatten that natural volume out. if your hair lays flat naturally, embrace it! accessorize with headbands and add volume with style, but no matter what figure out what works best for you!

numero tres - eyes/lips.
you gotta pick a team here people - you either like your lips better or your eyes. either way make sure that you are emphasizing ONE of these daily (never do flashy eyes, flashy lips at the same time - trust me, its too costumey). ie. powerhouse eyes, nude/light lipgloss. bright red lips natural eyes.
i have always preferred my eyes and so for that reason i invested in eyelash extensions {email me for more details and my girl's info. it will change your life}.

ladies, i only say all of this stuff because this is what makes me feel beautiful, not because i think that this is the only truth about feeling beautiful. was this helpful? do you disagree with what i said? what is your regimen for feeling like a rockstar when you are running errands during the day? do tell!

your gal pal, www


what to wear.

do you ever stand in front of your closet and wonder what provoked you to buy those things staring ominously and coldly back at you from three season ago?

ya i have those days too.

in fact, we all have those days.

as a woman and former fashion design major i try to take pride in staying current on the fashion trends of the now, but also try to find that delicate balance between making comfort my top priority and staying within my financial means, all the while dressing for my curvy body type.

if you are like me {and by 'me', i mean not eight feet tall and not mistaken for a clothes hanger or a lamp post} then you know how difficult it is to find clothes for every occasion in your life that are both comfortable and fashion forward all while flattering your body and catering to your own personal style. (can i get a hallelujah?!)

so why am i going on, and on about this awful predicament we are all in together? welp, i want to find a solution. i want to be the girl that you go to on those not so hot days when you look in the closet, the mirror, the pocketbook and wonder, "what do i do now?".

welcome to 'what to wear wednesdays' or 'w.w.w.'!

you and i will dish about events, problems, body types and circumstances that put you in a fashion brain fart {per say} and iron out all of those kinks. i will provide you with weekly suggestions pertaining to new topics, but all surrounding the fashion conundrums that you, my marvelous readers, face daily.

so, bring on the dish. email me at kaytidan{at}gmail{dot}com.


may day.

today is the first of may and i had every intention of gallivanting around a may pole this afternoon, but of course it snows this morning. needless to say those plans were averted.

may pole dancing or not, i am still excited for may - all of these recent april showers are bound to bring may flowers and green grass which will in turn bring bike rides and picnics. besides that my birthday is in 27 days {not that i am counting} and i really love birthdays.