ombre' bebe.

a few weeks back i organized a little late night {meaning kids are in bed, phew} craft night just for the gals. we dyed onsies, t-shirts, socks etc in the ombre' affect & i think it was a ravishing time.

here is my five month old model workin' it.

it wasn't until after i took all these pictures that i realized how much roe resembles a smurf. ah well.


cry baby.

i am blogging. i am blogging because my baby is crying in the other room & i am trying with all of my might to stay strong so that both of us can get through the next year together happy & well rested.

i may or may not be crying right along with him. dont judge.


five months.

our little* guy is five months young. it is so incredible that although roe has only graced this earth for five short months he has had time to develop his likes & dislikes and that his personality continues to blossom right before our eyes.

we still have yet to get him on a regular schedule and these days he is more sad than happy, but instead of dwelling on the negative, lets take a gander at the little nuggets' first experience on the swing.
*18lbs 13oz. he takes his feedings very seriously.



lets just pretend that i am not over a whole entire month behind on posting. then lets pretend that we are back to fourth of july weekend. alright, are we all on the same page? great.

we started off the weekend right by attending our annual block party {think street shut down, bouncee houses, meat grillin & loads of fireworks}.

then we joined our friends the christensens & the rest of the zoobies & hipsters in provo at the rooftop concert featuring 'beatles' covers.

saturday night the festivities continued when aaron's family joined us on our front lawn to watch fireworks from the stadium of fire and set off a few of our own.

mimi strawn flew in sunday and celebrated the official holiday with us. after my dedicated husband stayed up until four in the morning saving our prime spot we watched the parade just a few blocks from our home and ate scones with our fellow ward members.

the holiday was fabulous and i could not be more grateful that it lasted all. weekend. long.