little ham.

our little guy is turning into quite the ham - i love watching this kid grow up right before my eyes. it seems that each and every day his personality develops even further.


one month older

and wiser too! happy one month birthday to you, Roe.

to: monroe

it has been one entire month since you were welcomed into our lives and i can certainly say that we have changed for the better having you around.

the minute you were born was - a relief. you were one entire week late and you daddy and i were so anxious to meet you, hold you and kiss you. i was relieved when they set you on my chest and your breathing calmed and your fever suppressed. i was relieved that you had all of your finger and toes and that your eyes were open and alert. i was relieved to see that you inherited your daddy's dark hair and my blue eyes. most of all i was relieved that pregnancy was over and that life with you HERE with us had started.

today i took you to the doctor and they weighed you in at 11lbs 14oz - we asked for a manchild and that is certainly what we have gotten. you grunt like a little man when you are hungry and obviously you dont skimp around when it comes to eating. you are awake more these days and your daddy and i do everything that we can to get you to interact with us during those hours, but you are still working on that. for now you are good kicking your legs and simply soaking up the world around you.

here is to your first month and to many more joyous months to come.

we love you: mom & dad

chit chatty.

doctors say that when babies smile it is just a reaction to gas, but we like to think otherwise. i look forward to many more days of making our baby laugh and watching him grow.


sleepy sunday.

although mom and dad may not get much sleep these days our little buddy enjoys lots of naps through the day.

maybe if our kid were uglier i would take a nap while he napped instead of staring at him obsessively. sigh.

snow day.

what do you do when it is snowing outside during the first week in april?

kiss on these cheeks, doi.


daddy duty.

since baby roe has been welcomed into our family aaron has been, in one word, a saint. he has gotten up with each late night feeding, has changed diapers willingly, has become the token bather of our boy and rocks the manchild to sleep when i am besides myself. best of all though, aaron loves our boy.
to: our little roe buddy

when you were still in my belly your dad and i would talk to you and play music for you so that you would learn to recognize our voices and start to love the bands/artists that we love. your dad's favorite line to say to you was "hey roe buddy, its your daddy. i love you." and he would say it over and over again to you. i think you remember that because even now when he says that to you, you calm down and search diligently with your eyes. right from the get go you and your dad had a special connection - you refused to sleep without sucking on your dad's finger in the hospital. even now when you get fussy and are ready to eat again your daddy picks you up, holds you close and after kissing you on the cheek you try latching to his cheek or onto his nose.
your dad calls during the day to make sure that you are doing ok and asks you how your day was when he gets home from work or school. i just want you to know how much he loves you and how much more i love him for loving you.

love: mom



is a special day. to gush over your baby all day long.


good morning

morning arrives at 4am and then again around 7am for us these days. when the sun is out and the babe is cooing we know it is going to be a good day.

to monroe:

you are three weeks old today and each day that passes you grow more alert and aware; your dad and i are really looking forward to the day when you can actually respond to all the funny faces and noises we send your way. you love to lay on your back, pant, kick your legs and flail your arms about and when we change your diaper you insist you keeping one leg kicking at all times. we had to invest in a few 'pee-pee teepee's because you like to shoot yourself in the face while we are changing you. your cry sounds a little like a teradactyl and breaks my heart, but you only cry when you need something and your dad and i are always willing and able to provide you with what you need. against the wishes of our doctor, you love being rocked and cradled to sleep, but honestly i have no objections to snuggle time with you. you listen when i sing to you and as soon as you hear your daddy's voice you start looking around trying to follow the sound. you still have a little bit of fuzzy, brown hair on your back and down your arms, but it is far less than when you were born and i am sure will all soon be gone. your double chin has started and the rolls on your wrists are getting fatter by the day; we cannot wait until you are covered in chubby rolls! your hair is still dark and full, like your dad's, and your eyes are still deep, deep blue, like mine. you dont adore being kissed all the time, but your dad and i are going to give you all the kisses we can until you just wont allow it anymore. we love you, probably more than you will ever understand.

love: mom