fast forward to now.

now, we are 37 weeks along in pregnancy {two weeks shy of our due date - march 3rd}.

now, we are saving for our little man to come along and preparing our home for his arrival and welcoming gifts and donations from our dear friends and family.

now, we are balancing aaron's school schedule, my work schedule, doctor visits, our church callings and the precious hours left of our social life as a couple.

now, we are sinking into the fact that aaron was aired during the superbowl and that his commercial is now on television nightly.

now, we are excited about aaron's new real estate website and all of the clients that he is helping find homes right now!

now, we are taking one day at a time, anxiously awaiting our little buddy's arrival, soaking up time with each other and time with friends and best of all, aaron makes me laugh everyday.