movin on up.

besides getting knocked up this summer, the mr and i moved. not very far, but we did graduate to a place with a living room, extra bedroom, a full size oven and a full yard we can call our own. i dont miss our old place on any level, but i did manage to take a few shots of the little details that made that little rabbit hole our home.


the dl.

so here is the scoop people and the reason i have been missing in action for the past little while. we are now 20 weeks along in this little adventure {for those of you like me, who still dont understand a time line in weeks - we are three weeks into the fifth month! yikes}. that means that for the past few months my best friends where our couch, all the seasons of 'the office', smut tv and a mcdonalds cheeseburger and value fry daily.

aaron turned to me the other day while we were driving and politely mentioned that we had missed the summer. ya, i guess that is what happens when your wife feels like h-e-double all the time. none the less i think we were able to fit some fun things in and to even document a few of those summer endeavors.

my sister in law, joanna, introduced us to the slc farmers market. i got myself some cherries and then the people watching ensued, as did mowing down on the fresh marionberry pie {pictured below}.
we have since visited the provo farmers market and i gotta say, i love me some local farmers.