monday moment

"A few weeks ago Easton and I were sitting in the living room playing together. At the time, I was unemployed, so I had a lot of time to spend with him (which was awesome), but needless to say I was sort of frustrated with things. Easton had reached the point where he could pull himself up and walk along the edge of the couch or the coffee table, but had not yet walked on his own. We were sitting about 10 feet apart, rolling a ball back and forth to each other. Suddenly, without warning, he rolled forward, stood up, and with a huge smile on his face and arms outstretched, he walked over to me. I can't describe the feeling I had at the moment, but it was spectacular. So much pride, so much love, and excitement at participating in this little milestone in his life. In that moment, all the frustration and worry about being unemployed disappeared and I remembered that what was most important in my life, was the wonderful wife and beautiful son I am lucky enough to have. The memory of that moment will be with me forever."

Dave Oldham - Global Vice President for The Arbinger Institute


reality check.

i just watched this trailer for the upcoming movie 'the end of poverty'.

i dont know why it just sunk in, but i am extremely over privileged. the statistic that less than 5% of the earths population lives in the United States, but that the population here uses 25% of the earths resources, really hit me like a ton of bricks.

as an american citizen i feel that i have somehow lost the bigger picture - lost the selfless perspective and in many ways become very obtuse to the world that i live within. why do i feel like i deserve a vacation after a hard work week? why do i feel entitled to the privileges that i have been blessed with? why do i yearn for a new wardrobe when every new season approaches and when did brand names become so very important? when did i lose sight of what is really important in life?

i would like to turn a new leaf. try to somehow make a difference in this univserse and ensure that when i push over my dominos that they are affecting people in a positive way. enough with the posts about dreams and wishes - i would like to separate from those covetous desires that have overshadowed my real needs as a human being and focus on the extraordinary things that bring me joy. those non-materialistic, spiritual and emotional moments that we can all share as a population.

lets start today.

i would like to feature one story every week from you {my dear readers}. i want to hear about the extraordinary moments in your lives that bring you back to center. i want to hear about the moments that bring you happiness that did not require mula. i want you to share with each other those spiritual and emotional moments that have stuck with you and that upon their reflection have made you smile just at the thought. email me with your stories {kaytidan@gmail.com} and we will work together to make whatever small difference we can in each others lives.


first round.

tame: {not so secret} secrets to marital bliss.** This is one of our very first pictures together! July 2005!

our secrets to a happy marriage aren't a secret. they are quite basic and simple. but, if followed, will definitely bring an eternity of happiness!

1. whenever i'm going through challenges with the house not being clean or something not getting done, Kevin always reminds me to just love him. when he says that, i feel so lame. life isn't about the perfectly clean house or whether or not chores got done. that means nothing without Kevin. so, just love each other. look past little things that seem so big but really aren't.

2. i am stubborn. extremely stubborn. i am still learning to let go and forgive easily. be quick to forgive and forget. it's amazing what forgiveness can do!

3. show interest in what your spouse has interest in. listen to how their day was or what they are learning in school or work. it will bring you so much closer together sharing interests and experiences.

these are simply a few things that will make a marriage stronger. i know in my marriage, remembering these 3 things will keep us loving each other forever!

i just spent

the better half of my morning scrolling through this blog reading all of the posts entitled "our secret to a happy marriage".

i hope that these make you smile.

recently i have really tried to be so conscientious of what makes us happy in our marriage; what makes me turn to aaron at the end of the day and realize how gosh darn lucky i am.

"oldham: our secret to a happy marriage"

  • i always look back on our honeymoon with fond memories; not because it was fancy or elaborate but because of the time that aaron and i spent separated from the world. that time separated from every care and obligation is still important to us. even if we simply sit down for dinner knowing that we cannot take phone calls, giving each other undivided attention is important every single day.
  • things that were important to us before we were married are still important to us - i often forget this. aaron still needs to play the drums. i still need to go thrift shopping. aaron needs silence to focus on school. i need girl time to retain my sanity. in the midst of being newlyweds and being head-over-heels in love we lost those things that were most important to us before we were a couple. it has taken us a little bit, but finding a balance between "me" time and "us" time has done a world of good for our relationship.
  • when aaron and i were first dating {in the days of "own it"} he said something that still resonates with me, "if we are both being completely selfless, than each of our needs will be fulfilled." the days when i feel the most alone and depressed are those days when i have sunk into utter self-absorbtion. i constantly need to remind myself that my happiness lies in the happiness of the one that i love.

now, to my dear blog readers; those that i love and admire. what has gotten you to a state of marital bliss or simply provided you with a sense of sanity in your parnership? *please email me {kaytidan@gmail.com} with your list of secrets and a charming photo because i would love to share those results with the rest of the curious readers.


shout out.

i need to give a shout out to my husband. my ridiculously handsome and tirelessly hardworking husband. if you didnt already know - the mr. is a real estate agent. not to mention that he is charming, funny, relentless, determined and a joy to work with.

if you are looking into buying or selling a home, or if you hear of someone that is looking to buy or sell a home i would like to request that you give the mr. a call. check out his website {here} or his blog {here} which are both updated regularly with new government offers and incentives and contact him to give you more information.

shout out to the great deals right now on the market and shout out to the husband that will help you find them!


one challange in common.

With all the differences in our lives, we have at least one challenge in common. We all must deal with adversity. . . . It is in the nature of our being human that comfort gives way to distress, periods of good health come to an end, and misfortunes arrive. . . . The arrival of suffering or the loss of material security can bring fear and sometimes even anger. . . . The very opportunity for us to face adversity and affliction is part of the evidence of [Heavenly Father and the Savior’s] infinite love. God gave us the gift of living in mortality so that we could be prepared to receive the greatest of all the gifts of God, which is eternal life.”

Henry B. Eyring, "adveristy"

i have severely neglected my spiritual health recently and finally read all the daily gems sent to my inbox everyday. this quote really hit me hard and due to the current economic times and present issues i have really been reminded me that we {as human beings} have many challenges in common - we are all in this together.

true form.

this past weekend we were able to soak up these last few summer days in northern idaho. pictures will come soon of our adventures and memories of the trip, but i couldnt resist sharing this photo that i stole from joanna.

do we look hardcore or do we look hardcore? true love.


although many

refuse to toss out their flip-flops in the fall and winter weather, i will be doing so. and possibly getting cozy with these little numbers.

one fantastic thing about fall . . . socks.

out with a bang.

sure fall is right around the corner, but the bad weather cannot start until after we get back from priest lake. you hear me universe? after this weekend.
tonight we are headed out to my future-sister-in-laws' parent's {how is that for a mouth full?} cabin on priest lake for some major family bonding. one last hoorah to commemorate those long summer nights with marshmallow roasting and star gazing.

have a great labor day people. see you on the flip side.

the end of summer

means the beginning of fall.

i am really really bummed that the summer is drawing to a close - to get me through this realization period that the warm sun will in fact will disappear, that my tan will fade and that the pool is officially closed i have wrapped myself up in staying up on the new trends for fall.

here are a few selections - pieces all under $100 - that i liked from instyle's editors picks:

* i am loving the leather biker jacket. bad*a meets chic.


calling all culture.

for those of you who would like a little more culture in your lives, i am officially inviting you to come to the opera gala that my voice teacher is hosting next saturday september 12th at the franklin covey center in salt lake. *for more details, click on the poster above.

this is a big deal people. {no i am not singing} guests from the metroplitan opera and portland opera will be performing among many other members of well-known opera companies from around the country.


one of each.

could i wake up to that view each morning - yes please. could i lounge on those couches for hours without the tv on - oh ya. could i whip up a mean omelet in that mod kitchen - oh yes please.

i love the feeling

of being enveloped by space; by bright, open, airy space.

probably why this design appeals to me so much.