guess who

is back?

oh ed what happened to your career driven mind set - you just had to come back for more didnt you.
is staying?

ah reid, i so want you to pull through. please dont disappoint in the fantasy sweet like lindsay says you will.
wont leave?

when will jillian get a clue and send this dude packing - thats right, feels like never.

*is it just me, or is wes the only one that looks decent in his picture.


not sure

if this is worth the investment, but ooo it is delicious.


picture perfect.

this picture makes me smile.

possibly because i loved the movie 'UP' with ever fiber of my being. and possibly because i can just imagine the stubborn little family that lives here surrounded by sky rise. te he.

nurse it.

i truly adore this nursery.

click here, to see more neutral, non-pink, non-frilly baby magnificence.

breathe in the fresh air.

lite breakfast.

friggin sweet - true?

poster child.


happy hump day.

we are half way to the weekend. {not that i am counting}

the pool is calling my name right now. seriously - i can hear it.


sac meets cap.

lets face it, the 'fanny pack' will never be back in style.

however; the 'cap sac' i am thoroughly digging. sun our of your eyes? check. place for your yo-yo and a stick of gum? check and check.

get'em while they are hot.

happily ever after.

i love how refreshing these images are.

as a little girl i dreamed of the happily ever after in the fairy tales, but to be really honest i am so happy that my happily ever after doesn't include seven old men, talking mice, dancing pumpkins, cursed needles, losing my voice or any form of wicked step-mother and potions.

ahh, real life.

hallelujah and amen.

as ashley said best, 'here is to spring cleaning your blog list and google reader!'

coming soon.

pictures from lake powell.

including the thunder storm and the magical waterfalls that followed - get excited people.


someone, please

tell me that you saw the double rainbow last night.

nature never ceases to amaze me.

i am

thoroughly looking forward to the week that i will be spending with the in-laws in lake powell.

t-minus three days until lift off.
here is the plan.
  • go exploring with the mr. on the jet ski
  • come back with intense tan lines
  • play games at night with the best family a girl could ask for
  • get some rockin shots of the mr. wakeboarding like a pro
  • find lizards with the nephews on the beach
  • catch up on the fashion mags and a good book
  • watch the stars while falling asleep
ahhh - bliss.


old world meets new world.

as you may well know, my interior design tastes tend to lean towards the modern end of the spectrum. however, i cannot neglect to recognize the beauty and intricacy of old world, victorian design. hence, you can imagine my excitement when i discovered this home.

observe. and enjoy.


bee to the burts.

burts bees might just be giving away 1,000 sticks of their lip balm daily for the month of june. {and by 'might' i mean, 'heck yes they are!'}

happy, happy

national doughnut day!

go get your self a fatty, sprinkled, doughy delightful treat and say 'cheers' to doughnuts.


i refuse

to leave my oregon roots behind me.

my drivers license may read utah, but i will always be an oregonian in my heart and mind. {and yes that is how you say it: 'oh-re-go-nee-an'}


no frosting needed.

do ya got a b-day coming up - check it.

delightful - true?


putting this -

- darling project, on my 'to do' list for this week.