daily inspiration.

i don't have a uplifting quote of the day, but i have found a designer in paris that makes me want to make chairs and tables. honestly, how beautiful are these loverly creations?

test out etc. creations for a little inspiration.


arrange this.

think that nothing could be better than a pretty flower arrangement?
what about a pretty flower arrangement that you can eat. yep its real.

try it. eat it. love it.



ever looked here before?

this is how it works. everything is free. and i mean everything, including {but never limited to} hangers, formula, pups, slumber parties?, disposable bed pads, and a small box of food/pecan pie.

visit and enjoy.

five times five plus two equals twenty seven

which also equals . . . how many push-ups that i can do in a row.

i will report later when i can actually do one hundred in a row. only a few more weeks to go.



found these little treasure on sale at payless shoe source.

check it, what what.



don't these just look heavenly? i got the picture from one of my favorite sites the pioneer woman cooks and if you just click on the link and you can get the fantastic recipe.

ps. if you make them, invite me over ;)


fa, la, la, la, la, la, la cha ching

even in this tough market, my husband has proven that real estate is still profitable if you hang in there and keep pursuing what you want.
high five to my husband who closed a deal last week and is reaping the rewards this week!

'L' is for the way

i always thought that being married would be awesome, but i could have never fathomed how happy i could be with one person. i am so glad that i tolerated a few bad relationships and hardships to get to my husband, i am truly the luckiest woman alive.


thank you for listening when i need you, for kissing me when i want you and for knowing how to love me unconditionally.





here are a few of my favs from last nights golden globe awards. i am a huge fan of all the feminine ruffles and frills.



- if you are in provo this evening, pretty sure you should come to muse music on univeristy ave to see my husband rock out with ricky ray who is opening for uzi & are tonight {JAN 10} at 8pm.

rock hard. rock steady.


so fresh and so clean.

martha has some sweet ideas to freshening up old looks for the new year. i think i might steal the little cube idea for our bathroom, i dig.



good weather. good snow. good company. what more could we ask for, really?

lucky us that my in-laws live in the sweetest place on earth. *all photos thanks to lindsay k ross <3



being a fashion design major in limbo, finding this site {streetstyl.es} was quite delightful. i admire those that can rock runway fashion on the streets.

maybe . . .

. . . i should buy these to match my husband.

store THIS.

dean wants to build a house out of storage containers.

before you 'poo-poo' this ridiculous idea, check out these marvelous creations.
are you sold? cause for $79,000 i think that i would be sitting pretty in one of these mod homes. seriously rad.



i may just be attempting to be trendy, but i really heart these darlings. i might have to save up my pennies for these bad boys.